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Aubreigh is 4 years old and I haven’t ever gotten a piece of jewelry with her or Kaylee’s name on it. Heck, I barely had any jewelry up until a few weeks ago. While searching online one day I found Kidz Can Design and ended up having the opportunity to work with them. Let me tell you a little about Kidz Can Design. They turn artwork (be it you or your childs) into a very sparkly sterling silver charm that can be worn on a necklace. Kidz Can Design can use a digital design, picture, drawings, pretty much anything that is put onto paper and turn it into a pendant that can be worn every day.  


I was sitting here trying to think of what I wanted put into a pendant that I could wear on a necklace that the girls have made for me, but then it hit me. I opened photoshop and created a heart graphic, and put Aubreigh’s name and birthday in one corner, Kaylee’s name and birthday in the other corner, and then at the bottom I put Aaron’s name and the day we got married. 



I couldn’t wait to get it. When I got my package from Kidz Can Design I couldn’t even make it inside to open up my box. I opened it and was amazed at how pretty it was and all the detail that was put in it. The sterling silver pendent shines brightly in the light and hangs on a silver chain. The pendant itself is about 1″ x 1″ which is plenty of room for the design. I thought it was going to be very heavy and bulky, but it wasn’t. I forgot I had it on until Aubreigh reminded me. I love my necklace and its nice to have something with my kids and my husband on it, and wear them around my neck 24/7. The pictures do not do the necklace justice. The pendant looks so amazing, my husband has even been enjoying it!


Kidz Can Design is a very unique idea, and I recommend it for everyone. They have pendants for necklaces, charms for bracelets and even nameplate necklaces. The Pendant necklace is only $49.99 which is an amazing price to have something priceless from your kids turned into a sterling silver charm. If you want to order your own head on over here and get started. 

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