Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to review a pair of sandals from KidOFit. KidOFit shoes are the creation of Ron Bar, who has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. He has been developing footwear that is innovative along with other products to go along with them for over 20 years. He is the founder and president of Orthofeet and so you can be assured that your little one’s feet are in great care. When he was selling Orthofeet, his daughters suggested that he should use all of his knowledge and create a higher quality shoe that was geared towards children. He took on their idea head on and developed a shoe that would promote foot health and development in an infant or toddler.kidofit1

I received the Maui children’s shoe from KidOFit and it is the perfect fisherman sandal that offers comfort, protection and is a great promoter of healthy foot development in your little one. These shoes are engineered with unique ergonomic features that will stun you for being part of a child’s shoe. Ty was diagnosed with Internal Tibial Torsion and Medial Femoral Torsion when he was a toddler. We were prescribed special walking shoes when he began walking and as we continued to see the Orthopedic doctor there was no sign of change. We were seeing the Ortho doctor several times a year and when he turned 4 we began seeing him yearly. At the age of 5, we decided to get a second opinion at the Shriner’s Hospital and was given the same diagnosis but was told he may grow out of it. Now he is 6 and still no improvement. We are scheduled to see the Shriner’s Hospital doctors again at the beginning of next year for a follow up. Ty is flat footed and needs an arch in his shoes but he needs to be bare foot as well. So it is doing a combination of those two which has been a challenge. With KidOFit shoes it is like being bare footed. I thought we would give these sandals a try during the summer to see how or if they would be comfortable to him. Since he has been wearing them he seems to like them and doesn’t complain of discomfort. 


They offer a clear view of the toes so that you can see how your child’s foot is positioned inside of the shoe and when it is time to move them up a size. There is nothing more frustrating then guessing whether or not your child’s foot is positioned correctly or comfortably inside of an enclosed shoe. With adjustable fit, the elastic will stretch around the heel and will fit to your child’s foot like a glove. The fact that the contact that it makes with your little one’s feet is soft is awesome because you know they are getting the maximum comfort and fit. The KidOFit Barefoot Sole is made of a thin, flexible elastomer and mimics barefoot walking. This promotes bones and muscles to develop correctly and even improves your child’s posture. The flexibility of the shoe will let your child be able to move their foot with a more natural and fluid movement like they would when they are not wearing a shoe. It is as close to a barefoot walk as you can get with shoes on their feet. The foam-padded interior does allow for comfort and protection while still allowing your child’s foot to breathe.

A heel-strap is adjustable so that the grip on the heel is the precise fit that your child needs and the wide base enhances the stability that they need even more. Your child will be comfortable and have confidence when they are wearing these shoes. Parents will be assured that there is plenty of room in the shoe with the wide base, and your child will be super happy that since there is a wide opening at the tongue area of the shoe they can get the shoes on and off with ease. They will be feeling independent about their footwear and your mind will be set in knowing that they are comfortable while wearing them.


If you need to put in a fitting insert they are available so that you can reduce the space inside the shoe if the foot is too loose. As your child’s foot continues to grow, the inserts can be removed. This will allow you to get the most out of the shoe for the longest amount of time. Children grow up too fast and that includes their shoes. Make them comfortable and independent with a set of Maui fisherman shoes from KidOFit this summer. To see KidOFit entire line of products visit their website here

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