KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer Review

KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer was created by Daniela. A mom to a five-year old who would just not listen to her when it came to what he should wear to stay warm or cool during the day. The KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer teaches your child what clothes are appropriate for today’s weather while having fun and teaching them about seasonal changes. 

                              KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer

Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to try out the KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer. The day I received it I couldn’t wait to set it up outside. Both my girls are getting into the stage of wanting to pick out what they wear, and I am so hot natured that in the winter I am still wearing capris and flip-flops. 

KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer The girls love being able to check and see what they need to wear that day. It’s easy for young kids to understand (My 3-year-old can see what she needs to wear and will go pick it out of her closet). On the day I took this picture it was right at 90° outside. Aubreigh and Kaylee saw they needed sunglasses, a hat, a light dress or shorts and a tank top, and sandals. Even though they didn’t necessarily match when they came back and ready to play outside they had on what they needed and I didn’t have to worry about them being too hot or too cold. They were perfect!

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