Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Kidecals on a review of their personalized labels. Kidecals is a company that specializes in creating stick-on labels. They have products such as name stickers, wall decals, and keyboard stickers. What is unique about these personalized decals is that they are all dishwasher safe, washer/dryer safe, and waterproof. Whether you need labels for a high school student’s gym clothes, daycare labels, or have a child whose belongings constantly end up in the lost and found, Kidecals has a product to meet your needs and style.

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We received the Princess Labels for review. These have a silhouette of a girl with a ponytail wearing a crown surrounded by a pink and purple border. The child’s name is in a script font in white. It was very easy to customize this label. All that I needed to do was type in the name I wanted to appear on the label, determine the positioning of the name, and select which set I would like. When I received the decals, I was very impressed with how sturdy they felt. They are well made and have a very sticky backing which makes them easy to apply to many items. I had two top priority items that I wanted to label right away: a sippy cup and a jacket. These are both items that are frequently along on excursions and are easily lost or mixed up with other children.

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Application was as simple as putting on a sticker. On the sippy cup, I first wiped it down with alcohol to remove any greasy and grimy residue. You can also just wash with soapy water and make sure the surface is clean before application.

kidecals sippy cup

The jacket was even easier. All I had to do was put the sticker on the tag. I left the size visible for future reference. It is important when applying to clothing tags that the sticker is fully within the tag borders. If a little bit is hanging off, it can become snagged or water can come in contact with the adhesive, making it less effective.

kidecals jacket

Some products, such as this Combo Thin Set can also be customized with the background color, name color, and a different color for additional information. This particular set would be perfect for labeling backpacks, textbook covers, lunch boxes, gym clothing, binders, graphing calculators, instrument cases, pencil boxes, or any other special items your child takes to school.

Another type of product Kidecals offers is for canning, freezing, leftovers, or gift giving. Their canning labels offer everything you need to personalize homemade gifts for the holidays. The great thing about sticking a Kidecal label on the container of homemade jam is that it will stay on even after the jam is eaten and the jar is run through the dishwasher! Alternately, it is very easy to peel the labels off without leaving a sticky or gummy residue behind. This means it is easy to re-label if the contents of the container change. However, if you plan to change the contents frequently, you might want to consider the chalkboard labels.

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Chalkboard labels can be written on with chalk and erased very easily. We received some of these and it is a great improvement over our previous labeling method. In the past we had used pieces of masking tape to identify the contents of items in the freezer. Some problems include the tape peeling off and having mystery meals, forgetting to remove the tape before going into the dishwasher, and losing the tape when putting a container in the freezer so that again, down the road there is a mystery meal. The chalkboard labels solve all of these problems. First, the Kidecals stick very firmly and don’t just peel off by other containers rubbing up against them over time. Second, they are dishwasher safe, so there is no need to remember to remove them. Third, they are affixed to the container, meaning you will never be at a loss when it’s time to label. Of course, they also look better than having a piece of tape on your dishes!

kidecals chalkboard freezer

Whether you have a tiny tot or a teenager, there is sure to be a Kidecals product that not only contains the essential information, but also matches his/her unique style. To take a look at all of the products available, visit the Kidecals website here.

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