KiDECALS offers cute and personalized name labels and decals. Great thing is they are also waterproof and can stick to pretty much any surface, including clothes! Something else great that they have, they offer hand painted wall decals (that are PVC free) to create an instant mural in any room!!


Is your child about to head off to camp? Instead of labeling every little thing with either a permanent marker that will never come out, or by chance your kid’s clothes being sent home with another kid and never to be seen again, make sure to order them the Camp Labels!


Are you loving this mustache craze going on? Well KiDECALS even has you covered there. From Address Labels to stickers, they have a variety of waterproof labels to use anywhere!


My girls both stay home with me, but I’m sure the parents of kids that go to daycare could really use these daycare labels!! How many times has your child came home with a sippy cup that wasn’t hers? Well this can be a problem no more!! Permanent markers can cause such an ugly look, but with the Daycare Labels, which are waterproof, they can be added to sippy cups, clothes, book bags, shoes, jackets, and many more items to make sure they come home.


I do a lot of making my own salsa, or preparing something but when I stick it in the fridge I have writing on my plastic bowls and mason jars the date they were made. Well with the Chalk Board Labels, you can easily stick them on bowls (since they are dishwasher safe) to keep the date on bowls, add a little ump to your gifts, and they have many more uses.


I am super jealous because I don’t own a MAC or I would so get these! They are called Keycals. They are stickers that fit on most MAC computers to jazz up your keyboard so it doesn’t have the plan look like all the others.

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KiDECALS offers many more categories including allergy alerts, organizing, diy, luggage, doorbell, and wall decals. They have something for everyone, from Newborn, Toddler, Elementary, Tween, Teen, College, and Parents. This is something for everyone over at KiDECALS. They also offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders.. all day… every day.

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