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Since the kids first day of school to now there has always been one sick kiddo in the house. Having three boys at home and going to school with other kiddos makes a recipe for sickness to strike at anytime. When the boys were little our Pediatrician always recommended giving them Pedialyte when they were sick or running a temperature to help prevent dehydration. My youngest is 6, middle is 8 and my oldest is 9 and they still drink Pedialyte when they are feeling under the weather.

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Pedialyte is Pediatricians #1 recommended brand that has many great tasting flavors for the kids and helps promote fluid absorption effectively. Pedialyte is available in liquid, powder packs and freezer pops, making it easy to re-hydrate at home or on the go. It can also be used for activities that the kids need plenty of fluids, playing outside during the warmer months.

Instead of giving the kids Gatorade that is loaded with sugar I give them Pedialyte and I even keep a bottle or two in the kitchen cabinet in case a bug sneaks up. I have found the Pedialyte Powder packs to be more convenient for the boys since they are a little older now as they can easily add them to their water. When the kids have a sore throat and don’t really feel like drinking a lot I use the Freezer Pops to help soothe their throats plus it helps keep them hydrated, so I don’t have to worry when they don’t want to drink all the time. The Blue Raspberry is a popular flavor for the boys and also Strawberry Lemonade. pedia2


While shopping I’ve checked around on Pedialyte prices in different stores and found that my Walmart store and Walmart.com is much cheaper than any other stores I’ve been to. Pedialyte is located on the baby aisle and sometimes at the end of the aisles as well.pediapedia1

Here is an Ibotta offer that you can use to purchase your kids favorite flavors of Pedialyte.


Don’t let those pesky bugs or nasty flu keep your kids feeling even worse. Try Pedialyte in liquid, powder or freeze pops to help them stay hydrated.

What is your child’s favorite flavor?
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