You are the model for your kids. Your kids will pick up their habits. What you find fun they are going to find fun. Often children mimic adult behavior to be closer to their parents. This means if you have a schedule for brushing your teeth, you can ensure your kids’ teeth are healthier on a daily basis.At dentist's office

Start with your Schedule

Show your children that brushing after breakfast, snacks, and dinner is the appropriate schedule. You might not want to brush in the middle of the day, have the time, or be around home to do so. However, whenever you are with your children after lunch or after their snack in the afternoon you need to brush your teeth, so they will brush theirs too.

If your children are young enough ask for help from your child care taker to make certain they are brushing during the day after their main meals. It is recommended to brush three times a day, but even two will help prevent most teeth decay and provide a healthier mouth.

Watch What Your Kids Eat

As an adult you have to be responsible for what your children eat. You are the only one in your kids’ life that can teach them the value of proper healthy eating habits. The foods your children eat have a direct effect on their teeth. The wrong foods even with the right intent can lead to unhealthy teeth.

Eating too much fruit, peanut butter, crackers, chips, and drinking too much juice can all lead to tooth decay. The acidity and sugar in these foods is harmful. While these foods can also be healthier than sugary sweet snacks like cake and ice cream, they can still do harm to one’s teeth. It is important to watch the amount your child eats.

By going with the recommended serving with all foods for 2000 calorie diet, you are also ensuring there are limitations on the amount of foods eaten that can harm teeth.

Brushing after Known Problem Foods

Brushing as established is very important. When there is no time or limited time, there are still ways to ensure a proper brushing is conducted more frequently. On a daily basis you can certainly have a routine, but you definitely want to make certain that after known problem foods you have your children brush. When they eat sweets, fruits, and other foods detrimental to their teeth health, then the next logical step is to brush as soon as possible.


Flossing has to be a part of the daily routine just as much as brushing is. Flossing techniques have become better in recent years along with the option to floss more frequently. There is no longer a need to use a huge pile of floss string wrapped around the fingers. Your children can get the knack of proper flossing with throw away flossers.

These flossers with picks help your children floss at school after lunch with ease and quickness even if they are unable to brush. For children it can be embarrassing to brush at school, so they can use floss quickly to remove particles stuck in their teeth. This at least helps with part of the problem and then they can brush as soon as they get home.


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