Kaylee’s Birthday Box {A Bumbledoo Review}


Kaylee graced us with her presence September 27, 2010. When I was told Bumbledoo was sending her a birthday box I couldn’t wait to get it. Most reviews we do is geared toward Aubreigh’s age, so while Kaylee gets to participate, she really doesn’t know what she is doing. Bumbledoo  started when a mom lost her job due to it going to India and her supportive husband told her she should do something she loved. They have 2 boys just 11 months apart, and since she fallen in love with making cloth diapers she started an at home business. Shortly after she signed a lease and opened up her own business in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Today her store has grown into more than just diaper store, it’s also a community of support for mamas!


I was so excited for Kaylee to get her present. Luckily her package came while Aubreigh was at school so she could really play with it and explore it before her sister could get home. Shipping was extremely fast, I think it maybe took 2 days if that. When I walked in with her package and told her it was for her birthday her eyes sparkled and she was just so happy. Being a mother it really touched me that Bumbledoo sent her a box geared toward her birthday. That says a lot about the company and its very noticeable its owned by a mommy! In her box Kaylee received an Anamalz Rhino, My Natural Good Earth Fairy Doll, My Little Legs Footless Tights, and a very pretty green, pink, hot pink and white bow. Each product is made very well and able to stand up to a 3-year-old, so they are very strong and well made. The Fairy is made out of all natural cotton and recycled fiber filling, so not only is she adorable she is also good for the environment. The Anamalz Rhino was made in Australia and made out of needlewood, which is a fast growing tree. They are painted with a child safe paint and formaldehyde free glue. Nothing is wasted with Anamalz, even the leftover wood is used to grow mushrooms!   The first thing Kaylee went for was the doll. She is really into barbies and playing mommy so this was a huge hit with her. The past few nights she has slept with her “baby” as she calls it in the bed with her. She loves playing with her Rhino, too. Her barbies have been using him as a horse. She couldn’t wait to wear her new bow and tights out to dinner tonight. 


Check out this video I made of Kaylee playing with her new toys –>> http://youtu.be/lrMO9DAOpG0

Bumbledoo has gone above and beyond with Kaylee’s Birthday Box. Not only do they carry toys, but they also carry Baby Carriers, Car Seats, Cloth Diapers , Cloth Accessories, Items for Baby, Items for Mommy and Gifts. I recommend Bumbledoo  to everyone!

I can’t say thank you enough to Bumbledoo for putting a huge smile on my little girls face for her 3rd birthday! 

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