Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Kamik and reviewing one of their products. Kamik makes footwear that is meant to be strong, dependable and resilient. The company has been at it since 1898 and they now have some pretty great results from all of their hard work. They have created an outdoor line that will keep feet safe, dry and most of all, comfortable all year round. All of their manufacturing started with a man named William Cook who purchased Charron Manufacturing. It was a huge risk because he acquired it in 1932. This is right in the middle of the Great Depression but he gave the company a complete makeover and saved over 22 jobs. His overhaul and focus on performance footwear was exactly the savior that the company needed. The company has gone through many changes, but one thing remains: they are still family owned and operated.


I received the Kamik Seaturtle sandal in black/blue and I am so glad that I did. Trying to find shoes that are great for little ones and for the outdoors can sometimes be trying. It can be even more trying when you are trying to find them at a great price because kid’s feet grow rapidly. You want a product that is going to last and be up to your child’s playing but you don’t want to pay a lot for that kind of quality in the process.

The Kamik Seaturtle has a waterproof synthetic upper and a padded quick-drying lining. Both of these features make this a perfect shoe for water play for your little ones that you don’t want to be barefoot. Every child is also a different fit and so I was pleased that these sandals have adjustable strapping everywhere from the instep, forefoot and even the heel. Not every child that wears the same size is built the same. There is a very bad no-no to watch out for with sandals and that is rub. There have been countless time where my child has had a sandal that was just not fitting properly enough and didn’t have the right support and it caused them blisters. The adjustable nature of the Seaturtle can give you the upper hand in avoiding that rub that can lead to blisters.


The abrasion resistant rubber toe guard will let you know that no matter where your summer adventures take you that your little one’s toes will be safe from harm. Stubbed toes are no fun if you are heading out exploring on a terrain that is a little less than flat. The rubber outsole will help with grip so they can climb to their heart’s content wherever their adventures may take them.


What about clean up? It’s a breeze with the EVA footbed that not only provides comfort but also provides easy cleaning after those sweaty feet have been in them. Let your little one roam and explore with the comfort and stability that they need along with the protection from water and easy clean up from feet (they are naturally dirty things!) in Seaturtle sandals from Kamik.

The Seaturtle also comes in Fuschia, Green and Pink color choices.

To see more about Kamik and view their entire product line visit their Website here

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