Jennifer’s 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge
Weight loss is my biggest struggle, especially after having kids. I have three small boys
ages 6, 4, and 2. Before I had kids I weighed about 120 lbs., now I weigh around 145-147.
I am obese for my height and weight. Being only 26 I should be full of energy and want to loose weight or try harder.  Yes, I know I chase three kids all day who are full of energy but I should have more energy than I have now. I stay at home with my boys but I never make any room in my schedule to hit the treadmill. It’s just sitting down stairs collecting dust. I have tried diets in the past and I must say they were very hard to stick to. I have tried shakes and low carbs diets and stuck with it for about a week to two weeks. My biggest down fall is going to the grocery store, my buggy consist of junk foods and snacks for them and supper items for my husband and I. My middle son eats almost everything, my youngest eats like a bird and my oldest is very picky. They all eat different things every night which make it really hard to cook supper and it be healthy. This year I am making weight loss my number one priority of things to do for me this year. My husband says I always say I am going to get on the treadmill all the time but I never go and do it.  We both have been talking about weight loss and hopefully this time around we can help each other accomplish our goals together. Setting goals with weight loss or anything for that matter is very helpful a long the way to help keep you on track.
My current goals to my 90 day weight loss challenge are:

  • Buying healthier foods, and snacks.
  • Starting a healthier eating habit not just for myself but my family as well.
  • Being more active.
  • Make time to exercise, whether it be 15 mins to start out or 30 mins. (walking, a light jog in the yard or on the treadmill).
  • Pushing myself to meet my goals.
 I recently came across a website called Creative Bioscience. It specializes in weight loss products, cleansers, detox and other products. I found a product that I would like to try that seems to do what I am looking for. Its called hCG 1234. hCG dieting does not require exercise, and I can choose a calorie plan to fit my situation. If you would like to join me on a weight loss challenge and are interested in seeing more products and details about Creative Bioscience head over to their website. Would you like a sweet offer to go along with starting your challenge? Creative Bioscience is giving me the opportunity to give my viewers a discount on their first purchase from Life Fit store. You can save 12-60% plus an additional 15% and FREE Shipping! Visit their website, add your product to your cart then simply enter coupon code SIMPLY. Life Fit Store does not offer hCG online but you can a call 801-692-3242 and give them the coupon code over the phone to save that additional 15%. If you have a blog and are interested in participating click the link 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge to learn more.
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