Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Janiebee to review one of their Quilted Nap Mats. Janiebee is rooted in family. They offers handmade Quilted Nap Mats made right here in the USA. Janiebee’s moto is “where sweet dreams begin.” Every child deserves a comfy and cozy place to nap, why not with a Janiebee Nap Mat?


Janiebee’s Quilted Nap Mats are 100% handmade.’ Each mat is designed as a little quilt (Patent Pending)  in a variety of hand-picked quilter’s cottons, luxurious Minky brand Dimple blankets and TWO inches of thick, soft, quilter’s batting’.* Each Quilted Nap Map is custom made to snuggle your child while napping. These mats are perfect for home, daycare, vacations and even Grandma’s House. And, don’t forget about safety. Each of Janiebee’s Quilted Nap Mats are in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Consumer Safety Improvement Act and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Janiebee’s Quilted Nap Mats are Amazing. We received our nap mat in the “Lil Cow Pokes” design. What little boy won’t like to nap with Cowboys.? Janiebee’s Quilted Nap Mat’s are beautiful and carefully crafted. They easily roll up and tie for storage and take up minimal space. It even has a convenient strap for carrying. The quilted nap mat is has a super soft blanket attached as well as a pillow that can be removed. The batting keeps the kids comfortable while napping on the floor.  My boys fight over who gets a turn to  nap on the mat. My eldest has been know to slide his little brother off the mat while napping, so he can snuggle in. Looks like we may need another one nap mat quick!


I highly recommend you check out Janiebee! I know a few little ones who need a Janiebee Quilted Nap Mat this Holiday Season! To learn More about Janiebee visit HERE.

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