Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Jamberry on a review of their nail wraps. Jamberry Nails is a company started by three sisters who were looking for an inexpensive and easy manicure solution. As a result, Jamberry Nail Wraps were created. There are so many different designs and patterns, there is sure to be one (or twelve) to catch your eye!

Jamberry Nails

I had never used a nail wrap of any kind before receiving my Jamberry Nail Wraps. I was so worried that I was going to mess them up (and consequently have nothing to review) that I watched no less than ten YouTube videos. I started with the Official Jamberry Videos and went from there. They all made it look incredibly easy, but still I had anxiety. I was afraid to cut the wraps in the wrong place, I was afraid of choosing the wrong size wrap for each nail, I was afraid I’d contaminate the sticky side and they wouldn’t stick to my nails, etc., etc., etc. In the end, you can only watch so many videos on applying fingernail wraps before you feel pretty confident in your knowledge on how it’s done.

I won’t go into excessive detail about how to apply the wraps since, as I found out, there are so many videos of experienced Jamberry Nail experts who can demonstrate the process far better than my novice abilities allow. Instead, this review will focus on the level of difficulty in applying Jamberry Nails for an inexperienced nail wrap user. I started with a blank slate and the tools I was advised that I would need.

Jamberry before

Before- The Blank Slate

Jamberry tools

Tools: Rubbing alcohol, cotton pads, heat source, Jamberry Nail wraps, nail file, orange stick, nail scissors

My nails were trimmed and that’s all I did prior to starting this process. I can be pretty lazy at times and think I can skip unnecessary steps, so I thought I wouldn’t bother with the cuticle pushing (hint: this is WRONG, but more on that later). Since I was actually concerned about the wraps sticking to my nails, I did start the process by cleaning the surface of my nails with rubbing alcohol. From there, I followed the given instructions to select a size for my first nail to wrap. Basically, you hold the sheet over your fingers until you find a size that works. Again, I was concerned I would pick one that was too big or too small. When it came down to it, I erred on the side of too small knowing that too big would stick to my finger and prevent a good seal on the wrap. So maybe there’s a little more nail showing when it’s all said and done, but that sucker will be stuck on there.

Jamberry Sizing

Finding the right size

I was also advised by my video watching that touching the sticky side may impart some of my skin oils to the wrap and prevent getting a good stick. I carefully did not touch the sticky side, at least at first.

Jamberry on a stick

Keeping the sticky side oil-free

After a few, I did realize that the far end from the nail bed would never contact the nail anyway, so I did touch it to help more precisely place the wraps. I also realized that if I did not push my cuticles back, that they would create a bump under the wrap and prevent a good stick to the nail surface. So much for my laziness. I ended up having to do all my nails, which I should have just done when I trimmed them.

Some sources indicated that the wraps should be heated prior to application and again afterward while others only applied heat after the wraps had been placed on the nails. After trying both methods, I did not notice a big difference, so in my laziness, I just applied heat afterward.

Jamberry untrimmed

Apply heat to cure the wraps

After allowing the wraps to cool (I only tried to cut them once hot and didn’t make that mistake again! They are too malleable and just stretch instead of cutting.), I used nail scissors to trim the excess and very gently filed them in a downward motion. I was confused about how filing would work, but it was amazingly easy and very cleanly removed the unwanted bits hanging off the end of the nail. If you notice the edges coming up (and it’s not because your wrap is too big hanging off the edge of the nail), all you have to do is heat them up again and press them down firmly.

Start to finish, the process took me 50 minutes. Keep in mind that this was the first time I had done this, I was stopping to take photos, and I was so indecisive about which size to use that I surely wasted 10 minutes just on selecting the size for each nail. I will say that after I had completed the first hand and had the sizes selected, the second hand only took 10 minutes. I think with more experience, this process could take twenty minutes or less. The greatest reason I don’t do my nails more often is really a lack of time. Sure I could come up with $30-50 on occasion to go to a salon and have my nails done, but that is a big chunk of time out of my day that I need to spend caring for a child. With twenty minutes, I could manage to do my nails after I put the baby to bed and before I am too exhausted to perform fine motor tasks required for nail application.

Jamberry After

After- Looking good!

Another amazing bonus is that I get really cool looking designs on my nails that I would never even imagine possible if I were painting my own nails at home. This time I did all my nails with the same pattern, but I saw many different and creative ways to mix and match that I am anxious to attempt! Add to the beautiful appearance your reduced time waiting for nails to dry (I was throwing diapers in the wash not a minute after my final nail was complete), and you have an ideal set up for getting a salon quality manicure at a fraction of the time and cost! I am looking forward to perfecting my application techniques and creative designs with future Jamberry Nail Wraps.

If you’re like me, you’re going to want to pick out a few designs! Visit the Jamberry website to get started!

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