Every child has their favorite hero or character and BuyCostumes makes it easy to find whatever their favorite may be. Iron Man is big in my house and so when my family was given the chance to review a costume we chose the Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Light Up Costume along with the gloves and treat bag. Your child will love the surprise of being able to be the superhero that they so idolize and pretending to be them in the costumes that BuyCostumes has to offer. This Iron Man costume is one that is worthy of being straight from Stark Industries.

The Iron Man 3 costume will let your child feel what it is like to be Tony Stark’s alter ego if even for just one night. This costume has the red and yellow suit that we all know and love as Iron Man, and it also has a LED reactor. The muscles on the costume make it look like your child has been hitting the gym religiously. They will feel super strong and like they are ready to take on anything. I love Halloween costumes like this because they can be used as dress up costumes later on. These don’t just get a one time use when they are your child’s favorite superhero.


This Iron Man 3 costume is sure to impress and your little one will feel invincible with the armor and accessories needed to battle with evil. You child will feel like they can do anything. the design to the costume has long sleeves and every panel of the suit is outlined within the suit. Of course the LED reactor is centered on the muscled chest so that it is the focus of the costume.

Your child will stay incognito when they have the mask on, like they are truly Iron Man. What more could your child want out of a Halloween experience then to take on that they are their favorite hero?


The costume does not include socks or gloves, but the gloves are available if you would like to get them separately. To make the outfit and experience complete, there is a matching Iron Man trick or treat bag.


BuyCostumes was founded in 1999 and has grown now to be the number one seller of costumes online from kids to adults to pets. They also sell party supplies so that you can get everything you need for a super themed party. If you can imagine it, probably has it. They have over 10,000 costumes and steadily rising for you to choose from to make your occasion special. Visit their website here and start shopping for the perfect Halloween Costume and accessories. 

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