The Irish Fairy Door encourages children to expand their imaginations by exploring the magical world of fairies with their award winning handmade Irish fairy doors. These doors help fairies easily relocate in homes, classrooms, woods, gardens and provide a unique and beautiful way for parents and children to interact and play through the power of their imaginations. The Fairy HQ ensures direct access to Fairy Valley so the magic continues after the fairy has moved in. Fairy Valley sends magical messages, play ideas and stories that are delivered to children and parents who register online with the fairy’s name on website, email or other brands app.


Each Irish fairy door comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Family / FairyLease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the Fairy Welcome Guide and all you need to do is help set up your fairy’s new home. Once set up it’s time to register your fairy’s name on The Fairy Workplace Log on the website. Your child will be able to play on a weekly basis.

To purchase your Fairy Door for just $19.99, visit the website here.

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