Iloveyoumonster was founded by Antarctica Black. While being at her 4th year away at college, she wanted to make her parents something really special so they can hug and maybe not miss her as much. That is when she created Mama’s Boy and Chest Bump. Now she was still asking herself how she can make sure her parents know she loves them, and all of a sudden it came to her. She will stuff them full of love and let the monsters do all the talking.  The plush monsters are designed so they can snuggle right up to you, be it in the nook in your arm and giving them a huge chest hug. Each monster is different and handmade by Antarctica Black.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review a little monster from iloveyoumonster. After seeing our review on Ali and Joe, Antarctica Black contacted us to review a product from her Fall Line of iloveyoumonster. I was very excited when I got home and saw the box on my porch. Opening the box out came this cute little Cyclops monster. He was just so adorable. His name is Unibrow Jack. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep him for myself or let the girls play with him. After much debating I let the girls play with him (I figured I could have him at night). Aubreigh instantly fell in love with him as quick as I did. Unibrow Jack is made out of a very soft material and is just all around very soft and makes a great snuggler.


Aubreigh used him as a pillow that is just how soft he is. Once the girls went to bed, Jack and I sat down to watch a little tv. He fit perfectly in my arm and all around just makes you feel better cuddling up with something as soft as he is.

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Each monster has a cute little tag on it that says I <3 U for the little monsters and I love You for the big monsters. The tags are also customizable. As long as it is under 10 characters for the big monsters and 6 characters for the little monsters, iloveyoumonster can make it happen! Another great thing, she can even customize the color of your monster.

Here are a few of Unibrow Jack’s friends:


The “I Love You Too Buddies”, These are perfect for couples or best friends.  They come as a pair of 2 and fit around your wrist. They already are unique, but to top it off she adds a vintage button to each one that either came from her mother or grandmothers collection! These are customizable and also make perfect wedding or bridesmaids gifts as well!


Blossom Birdy from the Spring Collection. These little birdies fit perfectly into your hand and are ready for a hand hug. 


This is Chest Bump Buddy. He is about 12 inches tall and is ready to jump into your arms for a big hug. He also fits great behind your neck!


There are many monsters to pick from with iloveyoumonster, and recently she has teamed up with rLoArt to create a new line of iloveyourobots and they are just as cute!! I already know I am going to be ordering us some more iloveyoumonsters!

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