I See Me! is a company that specializes in the highest quality personalized children’s book. Husband and Wife Alan and Maia created their first book called My Very Own Name as a team. I See Me! books are educational for children to help teach them how to recognize letters and their own names. Their mission is to help children increase their self esteem through the personalized book that are unique for each child.


Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review The Very Important Preschooler VIP Storybook. When I came across this website I knew this would be perfect for Eli who is three and is so eager to start school with his two big brothers. I knew this was the book for him because it teaches him to recognize his name but when we read it tells all the fun stuff about being a preschooler.

He was so excited when we received his personalized book in the mail. The other two boys were visiting with their Meemaw so this was a good time for Eli and I to sit down and read his new book. I told him this book would be all about “Eli” and what fun it will be to be a preschooler when he is old enough to start school. As I began to read the first page we dedicated to him for his first personalized book. He just smiled when I told him what our dedication page read. It read “This book was created especially for Eli Seigler who arrived on February 2, 2010 We love you! Daddy and Mommy 2013” As we started to read I pointed to every word that said Eli and all the fun stuff in the pictures that he can look forward to. It had pictures of some of the ABC’s, 123’s, shapes, colors, little girls and boys, the teacher and every page had his name on it. When we turned to the page with the numbers on it we had to read our numbers several times before he would let us move on to the next page but when we finished he wanted to turn back to the numbers and abc’s so he could read them to me. We read his new book five times in the first sitting that is how much he enjoyed his new book about being a preschooler.


As a parent I really enjoyed I See Me!  personalized book because it teaches your child a lot of fun things to help prepare them for their first time going to school and what they can look forward to.

It is a colorful book with very detailed illustrations that helps keep the child engaged while reading and following along with all the fun stuff in the story. It also helps him know that he will be making new friends when he goes to school and will learn how to share, clean-up, and play nice with one another. We have been reading Eli’s new book everyday since we received it and he walks around showing his brothers certain pictures he likes. If you have a child who will become a preschooler soon or is a preschooler this is an amazing book for them to have.

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Here are a few Back to School products we like:

iseeme back to school

1-2-3 Blast Off With Me Coloring and Activity Book $9.95
A-B-C What I Can Be! Personalized Story Book $29.95
Outerspace Personalized Lunch Box $29.95
Kick, Score, Run! Personalized Placemat $11.95

I See Me! even has a iPad app! Check out My Very Own Name iPad App for just $4.99.

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