Aside from me, the people in my family tend to run warm. Their internal thermostats just seem to be set a little higher than other people. Even once it is cooler out, my husband sleeps with just a sheet, or at the very coldest, a light blanket. In comparison, I’m sleeping in sweats, have a sheet and two blankets piled on top of me. So, you can imagine what it is like to try to share a bed in the summer time!

We were fortunate enough to learn about some great products from Comfort Revolution. Comfort Revolution is a company which has been around since 1986. They have brought us such revolutionary sleeping innovations as the egg crate foam mattress pads. Since then, they have created many new sleep solutions. Their company goal is to redefine sleep such that people will rest better which would lead to feeling better and living better.


One of the current products that Comfort Revolution offers is the Hydraluxe Cool Case. This was an exciting find for my hot-natured husband and I couldn’t wait for him to get a chance to try it out. Unfortunately, this pillow case came packaged with a pretty awful smell. Apparently this is typical for this product and it is recommended to allow it to air out in a well ventilated area for 72 hours prior to use. This helped a lot but waiting to try it out, was difficult!

hydraluxe cool case

In the mean time, I read up on all of the features of the case. The pillow case has two main parts: one is a breathable mesh pillow case and the other is a layer of honeycomb cooling gel. The gel actually zips in and out of the pillow case which is great for a couple of reasons. First, it can be removed completely from the pillow case so that the case can be machine washed. Because the gel is spot clean only, it is a really important feature that it can be removed. Secondly, having it zip in rather than tucked into a pouch, keeps the gel lining in place. It won’t slide around and bunch up at one end of the pillow. It stays evenly dispersed across the surface of the pillow, being held in place by a zipper.

hydraluxe cool case pillow

Once the gel had aired out and lost its offensive odor, the outer pillow case had been washed, and a pillow had been inserted, it was finally time for the test run: sleeping. The first thing my husband noticed was that it was incredibly heavy. The gel does contribute quite a bit of weight to the pillow, but unless you are going to be carrying it around, I’m not really sure how that would affect anything. After using it just a few minutes, he told me that it might actually keep him too cool to use it in the winter. I found this very surprising. He said he would still give it a shot, but he had another pillow close at hand on standby just in case he couldn’t sleep well with the Hydraluxe Cool Case.

hydraluxe cool case gel

My husband woke up in the morning pleasantly surprised by how well he had slept. He liked several things about the Hydraluxe Cool Case. For one thing, he did like the added bulk of the pillow with the layer of gel. He said he felt that the weight of his head was distributed across the gel rather than all in one spot under his head. As a result, his head didn’t sink down into a hole in the middle of the pillow but was well supported. With regard to his concern that the pillow would be too cool, he found that it was not a freezing cold, but rather a relaxing cool. It was like getting into a freshly made bed where the sheets are nice and cool. It did warm up a little with the heat of his head on it, but reported that it took significantly longer to heat than a pillow alone. Overall, he was quite impressed with the pillow and has determined he is going to continue using the Hydraluxe Cool Case. In fact, he stated that he could not wait to try it out next summer!

This would be a great gift for anyone on your list who’s inner thermostat runs a little warmer. I think I will get one for my daughter because she is one sweaty sleeper, too! To pick one up today, visit Comfort Revolution here.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received the above product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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