Fresh sandwich and apple with schoolbag and post-it note

Fresh sandwich and apple with schoolbag and post-it note

Would you like to start packing your children more home lunches? You can make delicious home lunches without feeling like you are packing sandwiches all of the time. Check out these tips for spicing up home lunches and making them not-so-boring.

Cook Ahead (If Possible)

One of the best ways to have delicious and nutritious home lunches is to pack ahead. You can chop veggies and fruits up beforehand, instead of throwing in a bag of chips. Packing processed foods is okay if you’re in a hurry, but cooking ahead allows you to pack fresh and nutrient rich foods for yourself and family.

Add Color to Your Food

Did you know that adding color to your food can help make things a lot more exciting? Pack the brightest foods you can find to help spice up that lunch box of yours.

Purchase an Awesome Lunch Box

Go to the store and buy a lunch box that you are going to love. You know, one that you get compliments on. Say goodbye to the boring lunch box and hello to a sophisticated and fun lunch box that makes packing lunches fun. Make sure it’s practical and has lots of room for all of your delicious home lunches. One top of an awesome lunch box, skip the baggies and purchase containers that are more fun.

Get Creative

There are no rules that state you have to pack plain sandwiches for home lunches. Get creative in the lunches you pack and this will make packing a home lunch way more exciting. Make a salad in a mason jar or cut out your sandwich using an elephant cookie cutter. Getting creative will surely help make lunches less boring and more exciting.

Turn Up the Leftovers

What? Use the ground beef from last night’s tacos into a taco salad for tomorrow’s lunch. Part of not wanting to each what you have packed is due to the fact that leftovers can be boring. Pack something you know you are going to eat. And “hey,” there’s no shame in loving leftovers either.

Pack a Small Treat

How many of you get excited about a delicious dessert? Well, as a little incentive for packing your own lunch, pack yourself a small treat. You don’t need to go overboard, but a slice of cheesecake is looking pretty yummy.

School lunch sandwich with a post-it note from mum

School lunch sandwich with a post-it note from mom

Packing a home lunch can help you save money and eat healthier. Use these tips to spice up your home lunch and make it not so boring. Do you have any tips for spicing up home lunches?

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