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Modern mothers do housekeeping, bring up children, look after themselves, and even work freelancing. It seems they need to be superheroes to do all these things.

Are you a happy mother, too? Do you want to be close to your child and work at the same time? I have several tips for you!

Today I am going to show you the way how to keep being efficient at home. And it is all about workplace organization.

To be honest, this idea is simple, but most people forget to do it.

So, I recommend you to start with a place. It should be a quiet and comfortable room where you can put a child to sleep and start working. You can paint the walls blue or green, as it will be restful for both of you.

If you have an idea where to organize this working area, let’s discuss the details. Without keeping your desk clean, you won’t be able to work productively. So, please, hide all extra stuff in a locker. You can make shelves for books or notes, just don’t keep it on a table itself.

Mothers need special care about their health, so don’t neglect the possibility to buy a new comfortable chair. It should support a lower back, and don’t forget to work standing to increase productivity and see neck pain relief. By the way, how is your child? Stand up every 20 minutes to check your baby and reduce a risk of diseases.

Do you want to keep being efficient at home? Check this infographic by OmniPapers to read details about home workplace organization.

How else can you combine work, baby-care, and housekeeping? Mommies, share your ideas with us!


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