If you have boys in your house, you know that there is bound to be some sibling rivalry going on. The big question is how do you deal with the sibling rivalry between boys? Take these tips to heart to keep peace in your home.

Have them spend one on one time together.

Sometimes sibling rivalry happens between boys because they are trying to overpower each other. One way to combat this is by having them spend one on one time together. Allowing them to get to know each other on a personal level will let them develop a personal connection they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Teach them how to communicate.

Sometimes boys really lack in the communication department. Teach your boys how to communicate their feelings with each other. If one has upset the other, then allow them to communicate to work it out. Kids will have moments where they fight, but allowing them to open up their communication level will help them settle the fight and not drag it out.

Allow your child to get to know their own temperament.

A lot of boys don’t even know how bad their temperament really is. If they continue to fight with their brothers, have a serious talk with them. Let them know what they look and sound like when they are busy fighting with their brothers. Sometimes boys act out because of jealousy or the need for attention. Make sure you discuss why they are having these feelings and what they can do about them.

Set a good example for your boys.

One way to help your boys deal with sibling rivalry is to set a good example for them. How you deal with conflict will be how they deal with conflict. Make sure you stay calm and deal with conflict in a non-angry way. This will teach your boys how to stay calm as they deal with conflict with their sibling brothers.

Let them fight their own battles.

Your boys will have conflict on and off throughout their lives, it’s important to let them settle some conflict on their own. If there is danger of someone getting hurt, then you should step in. Allow them to learn how to deal with sibling rivalry in some ways on their own. As the parent, you won’t always be there to walk them through. You have to teach them how to deal with the conflict when you aren’t there.

Dealing with sibling rivalry will start when your boys are young, it will be up to you to help them learn how to deal with it on their own.

Do you have any successful tips to share on sibling rivalry?

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