The Dangers Of Hair Removal

This post was submitted by Aleya who has been doing electrolysis and laser hair removal on Long Island for ten years.

When we think of danger we think of things such as fast moving objects, extreme sports and sharp items. Normally hair removal is not something that comes to mind when we list things that can be harmful but like everything else it is important to be careful when getting treatment or you may be very unhappy with the results. Below are some things that can go wrong when getting hair removal and a few tips on how to avoid them.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Reduction

There are many things that can go wrong with laser if you’re not careful so it’s important for you to pay close attention to the laser technician and go to your appointments without any lotion, deodorant or makeup on the area that you are getting treated. The reason for this is that the laser will burn the chemicals in the product and this will cause your skin to get burn marks in turn.

In addition to this it is imperative that you don’t have the slightest sign of a tan on the area that is being treated. Tanned skin is prone to hyperpigmentation which means that you will get white burn marks all over your skin. These marks are slow to heal and can take up to two years to go away. If there’s any doubt about whether you are tan or not just compare an area of your body that has never been exposed to the sun to a part which has. If there’s a definite difference in color then don’t get laser. To ensure that you stay as light as possible be sure to avoid the sun or at the very least apply sunscreen constantly.

If you avoid the getting treatment while you’re tan or have product on your skin, you should be okay. There are however, a few dangers that are sever but very rare. Laser can cause infection, severe redness and swelling, crusting, scaring, peeling and blistering. Again, the possibility is very little but it can happen. If it happens to you then you will heal but it’s better to see a dermatologist to speed up the process. The best way to avoid this is to go to a technician who you trust and listen to their instructions.

Something that is not commonly known about laser is that if it’s done on someone who has active hair follicles but does not have the right kind of hair for laser then it’s possible to cause a lot of thick, black hairs to grow out. To avoid this, skip shaving for a few days and show the technician the type of hair that you have. Laser should only be done on people who have a lot of thick, black hairs so you should be approved before getting treated.

The main thing that can help you to not experience any casualties during laser is a good technician. If you’re interested in getting it done then go to someone who your friends recommend or better yet someone who has good reviews online. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you are comfortable with the person working on you.

Laser Hair Removal 1

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis may not feel very comfortable but it’s a very safe and effective procedure. While it is possible to burn someone with it, she will have to work awfully hard to do so. If a sensitive area such as the brow or upper lip is worked on with a high intensity for a long period of time, the client may experience redness and swelling for a few days. It’s the electrologists job to make sure that your settings are correct and to watch your skin for sensitivity.

Some people may experience tiny scab marks but this is very normal. Think about it, you’re shooting electricity into a hair follicle so scabbing may occur. This is in no way permanent and depending on the sensitivity of your skin will take a couple of days to a few weeks to go away. If you apply Neosporin twice a day to the marks then you will heal faster.

If a dirty probe (the tool that looks like a needle) is used on a client then it can cause infection and short term scarring. The probes are disposable and should be changed with every single customer so if your electrologist tries to use an old one on you or tells you that she is going to save yours in an envelope and use it only on you then you need to look for a new office.


Who hasn’t sucked it up and gone in for a wax? The pain isn’t the worse part though, there are two problems with waxing. First, removing the wax and hair from the skin can become problematic if an inexperienced technician doesn’t do it properly and ends of tearing the skin. Not only is this painful but it can leave permanent marks on the skin. Also, if the wax is too hot then it can burn the skin and make the area sensitive for a while.

The best way to avoid any of these hair removal dangers is to go to someone who is licensed and experienced in their field. Be sure to ask for referrals, read reviews and ask questions. Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable with the person that you are going to for treatment. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong then you should listen to it. Remember, all of the dangers listed here are worse case scenarios and as long as you are careful you should be safe.

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Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy the Whole Year Through!

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Welcome to a brand new year! Have a New Year’s resolution to get strong, be healthy, and have gorgeous hair this year? Here are a few tips that will get you to your goal:

Stay Active

No one is saying you have to start living at the gym. Heck, you don’t even need a gym membership! The key is to move as much as you can as often as possible. Go dancing. Take the stairs. Take your dogs for daily walks (ideally two times a day). Take a yoga class. Transition to a standing desk. Keep your muscles and joints moving and get your blood pumping. That will go a LONG way to getting and staying healthy, which will also show up in the quality of your hair.

Color with Healthier Hair Color

You knew this was one of the tips, right? There’s nothing wrong with adding some oomph to your hair color. Just make sure to choose a product that will help your hair rather than harm it. Enter, Madison Reed home hair color. Madison Reed’s hair color not only looks rich and vibrant, but also skips the harsh chemicals found in conventional dyes. This hair color formula is enhanced with a Triple Care Complex of keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root, which strengthens, repairs, and brings out your hair’s natural shine.

Get your Gloss On

Color Reviving Gloss is a magical product that will give your hair color a boost, gently. Pros know that the secret is to alternate all-over permanent hair coloring with gloss to revive tone on lackluster locks (and using permanent color to touch up roots that have grown in). It’s easier than you think, and it’ll take your look to the next level.

Get your Zzzz’s

From winter to summer, your one routine should be getting a good night’s rest. Target eight hours of sleep per night — a little more or a little less is okay too as the perfect amount is different for each person.

What are some things you do to keep your hair healthy?

Tips to Make Your Hair Look Fuller from Madison Reed

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We all know volume plays a huge part in making our hair look beautiful. It lends your hair a youthful bounce and a knockout appearance. But, especially this time of year, our hair can start to look pretty flat. To help you look and feel your best without spending a fortune, Madison Reed has put together a checklist of tried and true tips for gaining volume at home:

Soak Up the Oil
Most of us use dry shampoo first thing in the morning, when we notice grease buildup on the top the head. But did you know another way to get the most out of your dry shampoo, and to get some extra volume, is to apply it to your hair at the roots before bed? This way, the dry shampoo will have enough time for to soak in the oils and work to full effect. You’ll wake up to gorgeous, full hair. And if you use Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up, it doubles beautifully as a dry shampoo for anytime—not only does it cover those gray roots, it makes second-day hair look rich and full!

Tie it Up
When you’re headed to an event or meeting, tie your hair up at the crown of your head before stepping out. Let your hair down when you get there for the appearance of fresh volume. This trick is used by top celebrities and style icons to achieve chic, effortlessly voluminous hair.

Blow It Up
First, work Madison Reed’s Style into hair, focusing on roots but fully working through lengths and ends as well. Then, wrap a section of hair on a round brush, beginning at the roots, and dry hair in the opposite direction that you want it to fall. Then for added volume, flip your hair over your head (up from how it usually lays) and blow dry from the roots up along the hair shaft. Use the cool button when finishing to extend and set the style. After you’re done, use Tame to give your hair a smooth, frizz-free finish.

You can get personalized recommendations by building your Madison Reed Hair Profile or giving the Color Crew a call. Someone at Madison Reed is always available to hear your personal hair history and will tailor suggestions to suit your hair and style. And be sure to check out Madison Reed’s Blog post for even more hair style advice.

12 Short Haircuts Tips from Madison Reed

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If you have been on the fence about getting your hair cut short here are some tips from Madison Reed when it comes to having short hair. Whether you already have short hair or you’re looking to go shorter for summer, there are many cuts that flatter many different faces. From ultra-short to shoulder-length, you have a bevy of beautiful options, including these stunning styles:

Stacked Bob With Messy Finish
This feminine, chic haircut beautifully frames a round face and works best with straight, wavy, and curly hair. When styled right, it can look like a fashion-forward cut with barely any maintenance.

The Undone Baby Bob
This style is perfect for someone who wants their oval face to appear shorter. It works for every hair type, as long as the hair is cut at the same length. The best part about this style? It gives ultra-fine hair the appearance of thickness.

The Perfect Pixie
The chic and trendy pixie cut can look lovely on any face shape, but works best on oval faces. This cut keeps you fresh and youthful-looking by showing off your bone structure and cheekbones!

The Pixie Undercut
If you want to keep up with trends but don’t have the time to spend hours styling it, this edgy haircut is for you. This looks best on heart-shaped faces. With this particular hairstyle, it’s all about the cut. Be sure to show your hair stylist a few pictures you pulled from the web to make sure your intentions are clear. Luckily, this cut works for every hair type: straight, wavy, curly, and coily.

Short and Side Swept
A feminine, and easy to maintain haircut for a square-shaped face is to keep it from getting in the way with a side swept hair cut. This professional yet stylish hair cut works best for straight, wavy, and curly hair.

I really love this style. 

Check out more short haircut looks on Madison Reed’s Blog. How to achieve these short styles? Use Madison Reed‘s Style and Tame set to get high performance styling with light hold and frizz-free control!

Root Touch Up vs Eyeshadow – Which One Should You Use to Cover Your Roots?

Madison Reed launched its new Root Touch Up in November and it has been getting rave reviews about the way it covers roots quickly and completely. But what about eyeshadow? Does it work? Award-winning hair color expert Susan Roberts-Cooper will help you decide.

Root Touch Up vs Eyeshadow

The Look

Root Touch Up is a lightweight powder formulated with micro-milled pigments. That means denser, richer color to hide those pesky roots and grays. Eyeshadow is simply not as dense, making it much less effective at blending regrowth with your hair color.

Because it’s designed for hair, Root Touch Up features a matte, suede-like texture that helps hair look thicker. Eyeshadow is lighter and often shinier, which can draw unwanted attention to those roots.

Root Touch Up

The Application

DIY solutions should be budget-friendly, but Root Touch Up is considerably more economical. It takes just a few swipes of the wide brush to cover roots. Because eyeshadow deposits less pigment, more is needed to provide the same amount of coverage.

Root Touch Up is formulated to be long-lasting. In fact, it stays in you hair until you shampoo it out. Compare that to eyeshadow that needs primer to last the whole day on your lids.

It’s about saving time as well as money. Root Touch Up arrives in a compact with a wide, short-bristled brush crafted for easy application to generous sections of hair. In comparison, the petite makeup swabs and brushes that accompany eyeshadow dab a tiny bit on at a time.

The Benefits

Every Madison Reed product is made to give women healthier options, and Root Touch Up is no different. It is free of titanium dioxide, which is “considered a possible carcinogen and is known to trigger an inflammatory response” according to Dr. Jan Hansen.

Unlike makeup, Root Touch Up stays put from shampoo to shampoo. It is waterproof and pillow-proof, so you don’t have to worry about roots revealing themselves in the rain or at the gym.

If you’re a fan of dry shampoo, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of Root Touch Up’s oil-absorbing powder. It freshens up second-day hair and adds subtle volume. Makeup can’t do that.

The Verdict

Eyeshadow belongs on eyes, not your hairline. Choose your Root Touch Up color now and see the difference on yourself!

Learn more about Madison Reed and their line of hair color products that are healthier for your hair! With more than 30 shades of permanent hair color, semi-permanent gloss and root touch up, there is a color for you!

Twelve Hair Healthy Foods!

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Next time you’re tackling the “what’s-for-dinner” question, make it easy with this list of hair-healthy foods courtesy of Madison Reed. It turns out most not only boost growth and shine, they also pack a walloping nutritional punch. Kale yeah.


Most people cite sweet potatoes as the best source of vitamin A (aka beta-carotene) which is, among other things, necessary for skin and vision health. It’s also essential for sebum production, which conditions your scalp and hair. If it’s difficult to think of sweet potatoes beyond Thanksgiving, the versatile carrot is a good alternative and easy to fit into your regular diet. Just two raw baby carrots exceeds your regular daily intake of vitamin A. They also make any salad brighter and more delicious.


This super-green is like a multi-vitamin for your hair. One cup of the vegetable contains your daily allowance of beta-carotene for cell growth and collagen-boosting vitamin C. It also helps replenish your body’s iron reserve, which promotes blood circulation. What’s more a combination of omega fatty acids, 3 and 6, when together strengthens strands and increases the rate of hair growth. For newbies, just remember to massage the tough, fibrous leaves before cooking. It’s the crucial step that endears people to kale.

Greek Yogurt

Besides being creamy and almost unbelievably low in fat, Greek yogurt is packed with shiny hair nutrients: vitamin D for strong follicles, protein, pantothenic acid, which is frizz-fighting vitamin B6, and zinc.


In addition to adding pretty color to your plate, berries are full of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects against wrinkles, it also helps your body absorb iron more effectively—good news for nourished follicles—and helps in the production of collagen, great for skin’s elasticity and capillaries that deliver nutrients to your hair.

Red Peppers

Irresistibly crunchy and impressive when stuffed, they’re also a rich—and unexpected–source of vitamin C. A half  cup contains 95 mg, about one fifth of the daily recommended 500 mg of vitamin C.


Give new life to brittle hair with eggs for breakfast. There are about as many beauty benefits to eggs as there are ways to cook them. Eggs are a great source of biotin, the B vitamin responsible for fast Rapunzel-esque hair growth. They also help the body store up iron for circulation for follicle health and contain zinc, protein, and selenium.


Oysters contain 493% of your daily zinc requirement, which is why they’re often recommended to combat hair loss.  Zinc, a mineral not stored in your body, is vital for a conditioned scalp and strong hair.  If you’re not in the mood to slurp oysters regularly, any kind of shellfish will serve you well. You can also get zinc through eggs, beef, and yogurt.


Hair is 97% protein, so it’s a no brainer that meat, poultry, and beans pump up hair growth. Pork tenderloin, in particular, has the beautifying vitamin B family. Beef is full of iron. Poultry, like chicken and turkey, is a good source of lean protein.


Famously known for its omega-3 fatty acids, wild-caught salmon is a chic choice for beauty-loving gourmets. Good for a well-balanced scalp and loaded with protein, iron, and vitamin B, it is also a cinch to make. Try Bon Appetit’s decadently savory slow-roasted recipe that feeds a crowd in style.


Another reliable and delicious source of omega-3, nuts of all kinds help to keep hair glossy and scalps moisturized and flake-free.


A hearty source of B vitamins, namely biotin and folic acid, lentils promote healthy and fast-growing hair by supplying oxygen to follicles and renewing cells.


Don’t forget to hydrate! Replenish from the inside out with eight cups of water a day. H2O keeps hair supple and bouncy, so it’s less prone to breakage and split ends.

Speaking of healthy? Do you color your hair? Protect it with our specially formulated Shampoo + Conditioner. Madison Reed’s formula repairs damaged hair, locks in color, creates long-lasting shine, and even provides UV protection. Sulfate-Free. Gluten-Free. Paraben-Free.

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