Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of partnering with Homemaker’s Friend for a review of their Daily Planner. This Daily Planner was created by Sue, a stay at home mother of six children. She created this planner with homemakers in mind. Being a mother herself, she is very aware that not only do things not always go as planned, but that mothers also need a way to keep track of all the comings, goings, and potential changes that must happen daily, weekly, and monthly.

daily planner

Although this planner is designed with a homemaker in mind, it is not exclusive to that role. This Daily Planner can be used by anyone to assist in helping schedule their hectic lives. The planner is divided into seven sections which each have a tab to help you easily find and access the information you need. In the 2015 Daily Planner, there is a mini calendar for both 2015 and 2016 with space to write important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and any other annual events).

daily planner tabs

The month tab is one that I use quite frequently. It gives you an overall look at the month so you can easily see the major events going on in the coming weeks. It is also useful to identify patterns. For example, you may notice that you are frequently moving tasks from Monday to Tuesday. You can then reflect what it is about Monday which is preventing you from accomplishing all of your planned events. Perhaps tidying the house from the weekend is a bigger job than during the rest of the week since the family has spent more time there. By identifying these types of patterns, you will be better able to plan for and structure each week without as much rescheduling.

daily planner month

Under the Week tab, you will find a two page spread for each week of the year. There is a dotted line where you can cut the corner to aid in more easily finding the correct week. Additionally, a paper clip could be clipped at the top or side of the page for easy access. At the top of the page, there is a task list of all the things which need to be accomplished but do not have to be completed on a certain day. I usually put phone calls and appointments I need to make in this area. Beneath that are an inspirational verse and a mini monthly calendar with the current week highlighted. Each day has a lined section to write daily tasks. I get more detailed on the daily tasks here than on the monthly view. There is also a small box on each day where menu items can be written.

daily planner week

The next two tabs are Tasks and Projects. These provide large amounts of open space for writing. The tasks can be written on the lined pages. The projects are divided into wider boxes with an area to label each project. This can be used to list materials needed or steps which need to be accomplished.

The Info tab is very self explanatory. It provides a place to write names, numbers and addresses. The final tab is Shopping which provides you with an area to list all of the things you need while out and about. This is really handy because if you have your planner with you and you think of an item, it can go straight onto your list. This will prevent you from forgetting to put essentials on the list and also from forgetting them once at the store!

daily planner list

I have found using this planner to be very useful. I seem to find time to accomplish tasks that somehow never existed before. For example, if I just have a few minutes here or there, I can look at my weekly task list and get one of those items done. It doesn’t take much time to call and schedule an appointment (unless, of course, you get put on hold). The weekly planner also helps provide me with some dinner conversation. When my husband asks what I did that day, I don’t stare at him blankly and try to figure out where exactly the nine hours went while he was gone at work. I can glance at the page and remind myself of all the important and sometimes not so important tasks that I performed.

Whether you are a stay at home parent looking for a way to become more organized and structured, or a work at home parent trying to fit in a job and caring for children, or a work outside the home parent in search of ways to coordinate children’s activities, household tasks, and your work schedule, this Daily Planner can help you find the organization you need. To purchase one today, visit the Homemaker’s Friend here. For any questions or comments, you can also contact them here.

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