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Spring is officially in the air meaning it’s time to do that cleaning everyone is talking about. Spring Cleaning can be a dreadful task especially if you are busy with work, kids schedule or other things that seems to get in the way. Cleaning is the last thing you sometimes worry about because you are busy with other day to day activities. Homejoy brings in the professional cleaners to help lend a hand in cleaning no matter how big or small the job may be. 

homejoy logoHomejoy’s main head quarter is located in San Francisco, California, and was founded by a sister and brother Adora and Aaron Cheung in July 2012. Today, Homejoy has grown in over 30 cities in the US and Canada and is steadily growing. Whether you are a busy parent or just looking for some extra hands with a few chores Homejoy can do just that. Whether you are looking for one time, twice a week or once a year, Home Joy will fit into your schedule and is very affordable at just $20 an hour!

I know you are probably wondering well how can Homejoy benefit me? Well, when you sign up through their website online they pair you with a cleaning service of quality home cleaning professionals looking for homes to clean. Signing up is super easy and can be done with just a few clicks. No scrolling through the phone book or online searching for cleaners in your area Homejoy does it for you. Just enter your zip code, a time that is convenient for you, pay for your booking and wait for your qualified cleaning crew to arrive. All of their cleaning professionals are certified and insured, interviewed in person and have a back ground check completed. No matter the job that needs to be done whether you need your entire house, kitchen, bathroom etc. cleaned Homejoy can do just that. If you have an event you have been planning but haven’t had time to clean or you are ready to put your spring cleaning behind you book now with Homejoy and let the cleaning professionals do it for you. Check your area now

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