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KinderGlo is being featured on our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Keep reading below for our full review and recommendations!

KinderGlo is a “child” of Blue Moon Lites, which is located in Pittsburgh, PA and they develop products in which they believe consumers have a need for. KinderGlo Night Lights are rechargeable, safe and fun for kids of all ages.


Simply Southern Couponers had a chance to work with KinderGlo and are pleased to announce they are a part of our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. I was able to pick out a KinderGlo Night Light. It was hard for me to pick one because my girls really love T-Rex, but they also love elephants. In the end I ended up picking the Elephant Night Light. When we got our Elephant he was ready to use. He came with an AC adapter and a charging base.  He has 4 light settings; 1st setting is one that alternates between colors (a total of 7 colors), 2nd setting is one that is blue, 3rd setting is one that is red, and the 4th setting is one that is green. You can manually turn it off, or set the timer light to go off in 30 minutes. They are also rechargeable so this is one gift that wont need batteries, ever! One charge will last for 8 to 10 hours, perfect for young ones to keep in bed with them while they sleep. The night-light is powered with an LED light, so it will never be hot to a child’s touch. They also automatically turn on if it is knocked off its base or if the lights go out, so little ones will never be in the complete dark with a KinderGlo Night Light. My girls have really loved playing with their Elephant Night Light and they have actually started sleeping through the night because their elephant gives them that little extra security where they don’t need to come get in bed with mommy.


KinderGlo Night Lights come in 8 different designs: Hippo, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Owl, Bear, Angel, Elephant and Quarter Moon. They are each priced at $24.95. I place this item under the “For The Kids” Category in our ’13 Holiday Gift Guide. It is perfect for young kids, as well as old ones and with both boy and girl designs, any kid would be lucky to receive one of these for a gift! Head over here to purchase one, use code KKL9Q0J3GFTH and receive $5 off your order!!


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Want to get started on your shopping early? We are giving away a KinderGlo Night Light of winners choice starting October 9th, 2013

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