Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to work with Hillshire Farm® and review four of their new lunch meats. Sandwiches in our home are a big hit especially with the kids. They would eat sandwiches daily if they could.

Hillshire Farm® has been providing customers with quality meat products since being founded by Friedrich “Fritz” Bernegger, in 1934. Their products come in a variety of cuts, sizes and flavors. Hillshire Farm® products include smoked sausage (rope and links), Hillshire Farm® Lit’l Smokies, summer sausage, hams and lunch meats. Hillshire Farm® has a motto that says “they believe in it’s worth doing right ” and they still believe today.

I received Hillshire Farm® new Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast, Naturals Hardwood Smoked Turkey, Naturals Honey Roasted Ham and Naturals Black Forest Ham. There is nothing like being able to fix a quick sandwich on those busy days or even put in the kids lunchboxes for school. The Hillshire Farm® Naturals come in a double sealed tub to ensure freshness. They are also 98%-99% fat-free and have no artifice ingredients or preservatives.


Here is a short description of these tasty meats below. 

Slow Roasted Turkey is slow-cooked and made with no artificial ingredients. It is also 99% fat free and are sliced in thicker slices.
Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast is slow cooked over a hardwood fire that helps bring out the bold flavors.
Black Forest Ham has a special blend of seasoning and is made with the leanest cuts of ham.
Honey Roasted Ham has a hint of sweetness and has no nitrates or nitrates added.

I know I’ve tried some other brands thick sliced lunch meats and I always feel these are meats are dry. I find this especially in the Turkey meats that are thick cut. With Hillshire Farm® Naturals I tried both Turkey meats and neither had the dry meat taste. Turkey is my favorite selection of lunch meats so I have tried most all brands out there from name brands to different store brands. 


I love being able to provide my family with healthier meals and snacks. If you are looking for a tasty lunch meat I highly suggest trying Hillshire Farm® Naturals Meats. Visit Hillshire Farm® Website here to learn more.

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