The HEXBUG Nano V2 is an evolved Nano that now has three rubber spikes on its back.  The tiny micro robotic creature uses vibration to move through multiple levels of tubes, as high as your V2 set will take it, to explore everything in it’s environment that you have built. It’s quite amazing that these micro creatures can move whether it is on their back or their feet. They even know how to avoid others so that a jam in the tube is not caused. The Nano V2 will even flip to its feet when landing on its back on an open flat surface. These new creatures almost seem like gravity is no match! These Nano V2 bugs can now climb up vertically, horizontally, around corners, through loops and tubes, to the tip top of any Nano V2 habitat set. Connect tubes to other tubes and design something that seems like it would be death defying to your Nano V2. I guarantee that the bugs would be able to climb it with ease even with other bugs in the mix! You can even add twists and turns to make the action even that much more challenging.


Simply Southern Couponers had the pleasure of working with a company called Hexbug. They recently came out with a new product called Hexbug Nano V2 Watch Tower and we had the opportunity to review this item. We received this item before the holidays and thought this would be the perfect item to stick under the tree for the boys. They had seen this product on the shelf at Walmart and wanted to get then but I knew it was on its way to us for review so I told them they had to wait and talk to Santa. Of course, they added it to their Christmas Wish List. On Christmas morning the boys all sat around the tree and opened the presents that was addressed to all three of them and they got super excited when they opened up their new Hexbug Nano V2 Watch Tower. Eli wanted to know how the “bug” would make it to the top and we told him as soon as we put it together he would definitely find out. 


Entering the toy industry in 2007 with the launch of the HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures product line, HEXBUG had a goal in mind to make a toy that would give children a positive experience with using robotics. They have a passion when it comes to robotics, which is featured in their VEX Robotics program. This was the stepping stone to the inception of HEXBUG. The brand was now a reality and people have been hooked ever since to the intelligent toys that seem to look and act like bugs.



When the boys seen this cool new toy they just had to have it put together right then. They didn’t know how it worked or how this little critter would get through the tunnels. As soon as Greg finished putting the Hexbug Nano V2 together which didn’t take but a few minutes to set up. The boys have been playing with this since they got it. We will definitely be purchasing more Nano bugs to add along with our little critter. If you are looking for a new toy for your child Hexbug Nano V2 Watch Tower is a great one to have plus you can add to it. It has been numerous hours of fun for our three boys ages 4-7. To see more about Hexbug and their entire line of products visit their website here. Purchase Hexbug Nano V2 Watch Tower for just $39.99 online or in stores. 

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