HeadCoolie as an innovative, adjustable, and thermal headband. The patented head wrap offers therapeutic relief from fever, mild to chronic headaches, and heat related illnesses to both children and adults. It works by combining a high-tech, adjustable headband with an internal pocket that holds a cold insert comfortably on your forehead or neck. The cold treatment cools and constricts blood vessels. HeadCoolie provides assistance by maintaining consistent cold and compression for over an hour. Unlike most cold treatments (such as a cold rag) the HeadCoolie is completely hands free and drip free. It also has many other uses such as: cooling comfort on hot days, keeping cool during outside activities, and bedtime relaxation.   The band is machine-washable and replacement cooling inserts can be purchased for only $5.99.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review the HeadCoolie in Blue.  I was very excited to try this product. I suffer from frequent migraines. I have also started working out, as my doctor thinks loosing weight paired with prescription medicine for migraines will keep them away. The day I received the HeadCoolie in the mail I was suffering from a horrible migraine along with my wisdom tooth trying to make an unwelcome visit. This migraine was so bad, I couldn’t keep my head out of the toilet and if I so much as even opened my eyes I felt sick. It only took about an hour for the insert to freeze, as soon as it was ready I tried it out.


I was able to fall asleep after about 30 minutes. Most migraine sufferers will know, sleeping is pretty much the only way to get rid of and get through a migraine, but it is almost impossible to do with your head pounding. I woke up about an hour later and was so relieved when my head didn’t hurt anymore. Even after an hour, the HeadCoolie was still cold!!

2 months ago, my doctor also prescribed me medicine to help with weight loss. I have been exercising a lot lately, and since I weigh a little more than I should, I sweat and get overheated a lot when I’m exercising. Going for my daily walk I put the HeadCoolie around my neck, and didn’t get overheated like I normally do.

There are a ton of different ways it can be used. From little kids boo boo’s to a migraine. The HeadCoolie is perfect for the whole family!

Out of 5 stars, I give the HeadCooliestarstarstarstarstar

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