Having kids means lots of toys. Life of a Southern Mom was given the opportunity to work with Hasbro and review some of their products for after school. Hasbro sent me a big box of goodies that the kids could enjoy after school work was completed. I received from Hasbro MY MONOPOLY Game, SCRABBLE ELECTRONICS SCORING Game, MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS Doll That Rock, BABY ALIVE BRUSHY BABY Doll, LITTLEST PET SHOP BLYTHE BEDROOM Style Set. PLAY-DOH DIGGIN’ RIGS BOOMER THE FIRE TRUCK Playset and an NERF-STRIKE- ELITE Precision Targeting Set.


MY MONOPOLY Game is perfect for ages 8 and up and you can have up to 4 players. This is the world’s favorite property trading game and in 2014 it is getting a little more personal. This board game gives you the ability  to personalize your own MONOPOLY game within minutes by downloading the MONOPOLY APP or visiting the WEBSITE. Once you have set up and personalized your game, you are able to customize property spaces, Chance cards, Community Chest cards, game tokens to include your favorite people, places, and things. Just gather your images from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr or Shutterfly or your own personal devices, print them out and personalize your own MY MONOPOLY stickers that you can stick on the game, position them where you like and you are all set and ready to play. The MY MONOPOLY app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. $19.99


 SCRABBLE ELECTRONIC SCORING Game is perfect for ages 8 and up and can have up to 4 players. It makes scoring easy with the automatic handheld electronic scoring unit. Just play a word on the board, dial in the score and hit enter. It’s as easy as that. It also includes a timer option for faster gameplay and you can raise the stakes using the highest scorecard feature. Scoring big has never been so easy. $19.99


MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS Doll That Rock is perfect for ages 5 and up. If you have a fan of MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS then your girls will love to sing alongside their favorite character. Kids can make TWILIGHT SPARKLE, ADAGIO DAZZLE and PINKIE PIE dolls high five and each doll will come to life singing the MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRL song. Each doll comes complete with a variety of fashionable accessories and musical instrument. Each doll is sold separately. $24.99


BABY ALIVE BRUSHY BABY Doll is perfect for ages 3 and up. Kids now can practice one of the most important rituals of bedtime with their own baby doll. Each Doll is dressed in an adorable pair of pajamas. Kids are able to feed their baby a bottle before bed and change her diaper because you know she’ll be wet. Before you put her to bed the kids should use the babies toothbrush that is included, hold it to the babies mouth and press the button to watch the magic of the brushes move in circles just like their very own toothbrush. Now your baby is all ready for bed. The BABY ALIVE BRUSHY BABY Doll comes with its very own toothbrush, toothpaste, one diaper and baby bottle. Available in three ethnicities and each includes beautiful hair that is rooted just right. Additional diapers are sold separately. $24.99


LITTLE PET SHOP BLYTHE BEDROOM Style Set is perfect for ages 6 and up.The Fashionista BLYTHE BAXTER loves to decorate her room and change things around. Little fans can now design their own room right along side their stylish friend. This stackable and customizable style set let little ones create and decorate BLYTHE’s bedroom with over 95 accessories, including a bed, chair, nightstand, rug, reversible backdrops, wall panels, stickers, Deco Bits, and small accessories that plug into LITTLEST PET SHOP pets and style sets for more added fashion. This style set comes with two LITTLEST PET SHOP figurines, a BLYTHE doll, and PENNY LING Panda. Expand the sets with other LITTLEST PET SHOP sets from Downtown City for additional world play. Each style set is sold separately. $29.99


PLAY-DOH DIGGIN’ RIGS BOOMER THE FIRE TRUCK Playset is perfect for ages 3 and up. BOOMER THE FIRE TRUCK vehicle is here to help his friends and save the day. Kids can use the book mold and stampers on the fire truck to create PLAY-DOH bricks, blocks, and flames to create the perfect fire scene. Load the water canon with PLAY-DOH compound and shoot water to put out the fire. The ladder extends and rotates to enhance even more fun playtime. Includes two 3 ounce cans of the PLAY-DOH compound. $14.99


NERF-N-STRIKE ELITE Precision Targeting set is perfect for ages 8 and up. Kids can sharpen their NERF blaster skills in between battles using the N-STRIKE ELITE Precision Targeting Set.  Aim the light beam targeting of the N-STRIKE ELITE FIRESTRIKE blaster. You can blast up to 85 feet at the unique target that is designed to challenge the most experienced NERF shooters to help perform accuracy, performance, and speed. This set can be used indoors and comes with an N-STRIKE ELITE FIRE blaster, one ELITE target, and six suction cup darts. $19.99


Hasbro is the world leader in family and adult games. They are committed to providing entertainment solutions for cost-conscious parents in search of family friendly activities. Hasbro Game Nights let friends and families have the opportunity to experience an inexpensive night of laughter and fun at home on a regular basis.

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