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Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with The Happy Trunk. The Happy Trunk is a monthly subscription box service filled with different fun, educational crafts and science activities for the kids. They offer two different age group boxes filled with 2-3 different crafts with materials included. If you have more than one sibling you can double the materials. I received The Happy Trunk August box and was curious to see what kind of crafts Eli and I could do together since the boys were back in school. Eli and I have been doing different learning things during the morning time to keep him entertained while his big brothers attended school. I thought doing The Happy Trunk box would be fun.

happytrunk1Inside our box was three different crafts. Our first craft was called Slime Monsters. Each craft has its own card with material list and instructions to complete the craft. Eli really enjoyed doing this because he got to mix the glue, paint powder and borax together and then glue the monsters eyes on the cups.


Our second craft we complete was the Fizzling Lava Lamp. This one was super easy and reminded me of the lava lamp I had when I was younger.

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Our last craft was the overall best craft we done. Eli has literally played with this craft everyday since we completed it. It is called Magnetic Hairstyles. It comes with a magnet wand, googly eyes and pipe cleaners cut into pieces. He could not get over how the magnet was picking the pipe cleaners up. We had a surprise craft included to go along with our Magnet wand that had six little circle pieces that each had a magnet included in them. He had to show daddy first how his magic magnet wand picked up his circles. I am glad Eli and I could do these crafts together as it gives him something fun to do. When his brothers got home he was so excited to show them what crafts we made and how they worked.

If your kids love making creative fun crafts I recommend The Happy Trunk. It is a very reasonably priced monthly subscription box that the kids are sure to love. They offer four craft kits; science kit, creativity kit, party packs and party favors.

To get started with your monthly subscription box head over to The Happy Trunk Website here.


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