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Happy Holidays with Peppa Pig and Eli! Peppa Pig has arrived again at our house just in time for Christmas break and who couldn’t be more excited? Eli! He loves Peppa Pig and her family and friends too. Inside Eli’s package was Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House Playset, Peppa’s Merry Go-Round Game, Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day DVD, George Beanie Plush and a Peppa Pig Foam Activity Play Mat with 2 cars.


Eli wanted to play with Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House Playset with Peppa and George figure, refrigerator, barbeque, washing machine, bath tub, dinner table, bunk beds, sink, stove, couch, tv and more. It’s everything to explore Peppa and George’s house while Peppa entertains family and friends by cooking in the kitchen, gathering in the living room or climbing the stairs for some rest. Take Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House Playset anywhere by easily folding and carrying by handle. Peppa’s house has been to visit Mema a few times for sleep overs and all of the house here. Eli has really enjoyed playing with his brothers with this playset.

Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day DVD features 10 fun-packed peppasodes. It’s the coldest day of the year, and that means one thing: FUN! Grab your hats, scarf, mitten and coat to join Peppa, her family and friends as they build their snowman, race sleds, throw snowballs and so much more. The kids will enjoy so much laughter and ice-skating on frozen muddle puddles with Peppa and the gang.


Peppa Pig Merry-Go-Round Game is Peppa Pig’s favorite when she isn’t playing and splashing in muddy puddles. This fun game is great for the kids and easy to play. It comes with the Merry-Go-Round and 4 Peppa Pig figures. Just push the red button and watch the seats spin as they go round and round. When a character lands on the red spot your Peppa has to take a break from the ride but if you find an open spot hop back on. The last player still riding is the winner.



The Peppa Pig Foam Activity Play Mat with 2 cars lets Eli and his brothers ride around Peppa’s neighborhood. Stop by the park, head over to beach for a bit. There is so many places to go on the mat the kids play for a long time. This mat is easy to clean with a wet cloth or wipe and is 3 1/2 feet tall. Even some of the boys cars join Peppa through the neighborhood for some fun.

Eli added another George beanie plush to his collection as he loves getting Peppa and George. He sleeps with them, lets them ride to school with him and even has sleepovers with him at his Mema’s. This George is so cute and measures 7″ not to big and not to tall.

Eli loves being apart of Peppa Pig’s program and we always look forward to the amazing products we get. If your little one loves Peppa Pig be sure to check out these cool products above.

Peppa Pig is such a lovable piggy who lives with her Daddy, Mummy and little brother George. Peppa Pig episodes feature everyday activities for preschoolers to enjoy and can relate to. It also helps preschoolers emotional and social development  like expressing feelings and building self esteem. Visit Peppa Pig’s Website to find some of Peppa’s favorite games, printable coloring sheets, watch episodes and more. 

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