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Countdown Cal was created by Elizabeth Beazley, a retired elementary school teacher and a grandma to 3 young kids when she saw how excited they get every year at the holidays as they approach. Countdown Cal  was founded in 2012 in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and they offer a Halloween Calendar Box and an Easter Countdown Calendar Game. Every box is designed with kids in mind to help make counting down to the holiday fun but each box also has educational aspects. Each flap tells you how many day are left which helps kids know and understand the concept of counting down the days as well as counting backwards. Countdown Cal also features Countdown Pal, their mascot. Kids can mark an X over that number in Countdown Pal’s tooth to make it even more fun and keep up with the flaps.


Simply Southern Couponers received the Halloween Calendar to review. You start opening the flaps on October 16th, and when you open the flap a fun  Halloween treat is waiting for you. Under each flap is also a neat little picture that kids can flip the box over and look for the picture on the backside in the cemetery scene. Each chocolate treat is made in the USA and are OUD certified Kosher. We received one to review now, and one to enjoy starting October 16th. I showed the girls how to do it and we started with flap 1, which had a vampire chocolate in it. The girls really enjoyed looking for the picture on the back side and was excited if they were the first one to find it. The girls also loved Countdown Pals toothy smile and can’t wait to start marking the numbers out. I plan on using orange and black markers to fill in the boxes so that on Halloween even Countdown Pal will be dressed for the Holiday.

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Countdown Cal has just launched their “Publicize and Profit” fundraiser program with their Halloween Countdown Calendar. The program is free for schools and groups to sign up and Countdown Cal will send out a special code so that each time a purchase is made using that code a percentage of that sale is donated to the school or group. This is an amazing program for school.


Countdown Cal can be purchased for only $9.99 here. If you have kids I recommend this product, not only does it make waiting on Halloween fun for kids, but it also provides education.

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Giveaway Details:

Countdown Cal has given us the opportunity to giveaway a Halloween Countdown Calendar to one of our readers! Giveaway will start September 20, 2013 and run for one week!

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