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Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Green Toys to review their Ferry Boat, Tractor and Race Car. Green Toys offer a line of classic children toys made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. With this they are reducing their carbon footprint as well as helping reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.*


Green Toys are 100% made in the USA. Being manufactured in California equals less transportation and less energy used. The main ingredient in Green Toys is recycled milk jugs. That’s right, the milk jug in your refrigerator could become the next Green Toys toy. The plastic material they use is called high-density polyethylene (or HDPE). This material is considered one of the safest, cleanest plastics around.*



I love the idea of toys made from recycled milk jugs. Even the packaging of Green Toys are made from recycled materials too. Each toy is carefully crafted with children’s play habits in mind. They are very durable.  My son  is very rough with his toys, and loves crashing toys together. Green Toys get two thumbs up in the toys crash test of toddler boys. 


The Ferry Boat comes with two cars and has a retractable ramp for the cars to enter and exit.  This two-story vessel is set for a voyage on the open water with room for eco-friendly cargo galore. Use the slide-out ramp to load up the spacious bottom level that accommodates up to four Green Toys Mini Vehicles or Fastbacks.The Tractor comes with a detachable rear trailer. Super safe and versatile with no metal axles (no rust) or external coatings (no chipping or peeling), it’s ready for any playtime payload, whether indoors or outside.* The Race Car is ready for the race track and safe for the environment. The hood of the car features the #2 plastic recycle symbol. This safe, eco-friendly race car is ready for the big race. 


My son enjoys all Green Toys toys. He can’t get enough of them. His tractor was busy hauling the Fastbacks around. The Fastbacks enjoy leaping from the Ferry Boat, and they race car crashed into all. The Green Toys Ferry Boat, Race Car and Tractor are toddler approved in our home. We love Green Toys and highly recommend them! Any toys that are eco-friendly and durable are good in my book! Happy Playtime!

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