Gleener was founded by a mother in June of 2003. She was tired of her sweaters covered in fuzz after only one night. She set out to find a way to stop it. While watching Oprah one day while folding laundry, Oprah told all the people out there with great ideas to go for it, and that is was Kim did. Never giving up even after 9 years, her product has finally hit the marker. Gleener has three numbered edges that are carefully designed to target a different type of fuzz. It is the only product that can remove pills and fuzz from almost any kind of garment.

fuzz Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to review the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover. If you now or have ever owned a knit sweater then you know the horror of seeing fuzz all over the sweater after just one wear.. and how hard it is to get them off.  After one wash sweaters and a lot of other material leaves fuzz making it look a couple of years old instead of a few days old. There are a lot of products like this one so I was excited to see what made the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover different. It comes with 3 detachable blades with fabric sensitive edges, and it is very easy to pick out which of the 3 I needed for which garment. I decided to give it a try on a sweater that was only worn a handful of times but looked like it had been passed down from generation to generation.

fuzz 1

Looking at the sweater I selected the 1st blade. It has a wider combing area and I figured it would be perfect for the sweater. I laid the item flat and moved the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover up and down gently and within minutes my sweater looked brand new again. I could not believe how great and how quick it worked. It basically looked brand new. I can not wait to try it out on even more shirts.

fuzz 3

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