Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Girlie Glue. I am the mother of two very beautiful daughters. I love to dress them up in beautiful clothing and have them look as girlie as can be, but one issue I have always had is getting them to keep their headbands and hair bows in. They somehow always end up taking it off and either losing it, or getting it dirty.

There is an amazing product out geared towards moms like me who have this same issue! It’s called Girlie Glue. It’s a “glue” that’s made up of agave nectar, as well as well as other natural ingredients. It’s 100% honey-free, and it washes out with a little water and baby wash! No worrying about any harmful chemicals, or hair pulling out. The glue never fully hardens, which makes it safe if baby ever reaches and pulls it off. And my daughter never even noticed there was anything on her head, so she had her adorable little bow attached all day, completing her adorable outfit!

You can order a tube for just a low price of $5.99, and a little goes a long way, so the tube will last you a good while! You can also purchase some absolutely adorable bows at $3.49 a pack of three, and handmade felt flowers for $5.99 for a pack of three!

I’m so glad there is a product that like this. It makes me feel comfortable knowing I don’t have to worry about a headband bothering my baby’s head, or losing it. Just a dab of Girlie Glue lasts all day and the bow stays in place! Visit their website here.

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