gfreely makes a healthy, sustainable gluten-free lifestyle simple, accessible and fun for consumers all over the world. They offer a monthly subscription boxes packed with an assortment of new gluten free snacks, foods & recipes to your door every month.

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I was given the opportunity to review items from gfreely.
I was surprised at all the items that were packed in this box for me to review. I have never tried to many products that were gluten free so I was very interested when I was given this opportunity as many food products are now becoming gluten free.


My box included:
Kay Naturals Protein Honey Almond Cookie Bites– They are gluten free with only 12 grams of protein, 4 grams fiber and 125 calories. Perfect for a snack.
Boulder Canuon Nautal Foods Rice and Beans Snack Chips with Adzuki Beans– They are naturally salted, all natural and gluten free. They were very good and crisped as I enjoyed them along side of a sand which for lunch.
Halfpops popcorn– Naturally buttered with pure ocean sea salt. I have never had pop corn that tasted as good as this. They are not cooked all the way to have the fluffiness instead they are partially popped and are very good.
Chiquita Fruit Chips in Banana– The boys loved these. They are super crunchy and packed with 100% air crisped fruits with no sugar added and fat free. These made a great snack for the boys to share after lunch.
Superfood Oat-Based Cereal– Gluten Free and Organic. Included a spoon and hempmilk powder. I have never had anything that had hempmilk and I can say it was different but in a good way.
Grawonla Bar (Original)– Is a all natural, gluten free energy bar packed full of different ingredients like pumpkin seeds, apples, pecans, dates, almonds, walnuts, raisins, lemon, lime, cinnamon, Celtic Sea Salt, Orange Oil, Vanilla Bean, and buckwheat. It is amazing to have this many delicious ingredients packed in one small little bar that was very flavorful. It had a salty but sweet taste that made it very good.
Sun Chips Sunflower Butter Dark Chocolate Sun Cups– Nut free, gluten free, and Organic. Eli enjoyed eating these sun cups because of course all he seen was chocolate and said yummy. So he really enjoyed this delicious snack.
Ginnybakes Coconut Oatmeal Bliss– These were freshly baked, organic, and gluten free. They had a little crisp to them but was as soft as you ate them. I could taste the coconut and the raisins in them and Andrew wanted to try them. He is the picky eater in our family an actually enjoyed both of these cookies and wanted more.
Saffron Road (Moroccan Tagine Simmer Sauce)– all natural, gluten free, No MSG and Certified Halal, Saffron Road’s Simmer Sauces are held to the highest standards for their wholesomeness and culinary excellence. This is great over beef, lamb or vegetables.

This box was packed full of delicious items. I am leaning toward trying more gluten free products that are healthy for our family.

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If you are wanting to try gluten free items, gfreely offers a wide variety of items that can be delivered straight to your door. They have a monthly subscription, 3 month or 6 month subscription that are available. To see more visit gfreely Website.

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