group of women making squats in gym

Lately the Squat Challenge has been getting a lot of attention in social media and in the news. It’s more commonly known as the 30 Day Squat Challenge and all it takes is a little time and effort every day in order to complete. If you’re looking to tone your legs, add volume to your butt, and strengthen your lower body then the 30-Day Squat Challenge is just what you need. Whether you are healthy and active or just trying to get into shape the squat challenge offers many benefits for those that attempt it.

Doing squats every day for a month might seem daunting but the squat challenge actually starts out slow. Over time more squats are added and you will build up more muscle as your body gets used to the exercise. How it works is on day 1 you will start with 50 squats in a row. Each day more squat repetitions are added with some rest days sprinkled in between. After a month has passed, if you have stuck with the challenge, you will notice a huge improvement in lower body strength and overall muscle tone and composition.

You might be wondering, “Why squats?”. The reason squats were chosen to be the exercise for this challenge is because squatting requires many of the muscles throughout the entire body to be activated in order to be done properly and safely. Everything from balance and mobility to fat burning and muscle development is affected by a consistent workout routine similar to the squat challenge. If you’re looking to get fit and lean then the squat challenge is the way to go.

Giving the 30-day Squat Challenge a try is a great way to incorporate daily exercise into your life and improve your health. Whether you’re looking to tone up for the summer or you want to add some strength to your lower body the squat challenge is a low impact and exciting way to achieve your health and fitness related goals. After 30 days of squatting it is impossible you won’t be much healthier, happier, and fit.


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