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Health is something that is of importance to all of us no matter what the food is that we are preparing. Life of a Southern Mom had the wonderful opportunity to review one of George Foreman’s Grills. George Foreman Grills are an indoor, electric heated grill made by Spectrum Brands and promoted by former boxing champion, George Foreman himself. This grill was designed to reduce the fat content of hamburgers by draining the excess fat into a separate reservior.  George Foreman Grills allow you to cook foods thoroughly without the need of flipping. There are various sized grills for cooking individual or multiple servings. With the George Foreman grill, you can make healthy dishes that are also tasty. You may be familiar with the George Foreman grill and what it stands for when it comes to preparing a meal. The sloped designed makes it easy for fat and grease to drain away while you are cooking. You also will not need oil while you are cooking because the grill has a triple non-stick coating. Clean up is also a breeze because of this feature!


This grill is all electric and has a 72-inch grilling surface. With the 1.5 inch hinge it also allows for you to cook up your favorite thicker meats and vegetables with no hassles. The grill comes with a dip tray, spatula, and removable plates to make your cooking experience a breeze. Just like with other irons and grills there is a light indicator that lets you know when the grill is heated to just the right temperature. But even though the grill is going to be hot the handle won’t be with the cool-touch feature that also has a secure grip. You will want to cook everything on this grill and to find out new recipes it also comes with a recipe book. To make cleanup even easier besides it being non-stick, the grill also has dishwasher-safe parts. All the others are easily accessible for you to hand clean or just wipe down. Stop fretting healthy and make it easy on yourself with a George Foreman grill.


Since I only cook for two because the boys all eat something different I have been using my George Foreman Grill quite a it. It is so easy, quick and doesn’t require much clean up. I do not have to stand over the sink washing numerous pans from cooking. I just simply remove the grill plates and wash easily. There is no scrubbing stuck foods or trying to get the grease/oil residue off the plates. I have made several dinners using my George Foreman Grill including Chicken Enchiladas, where I grill my chicken, chop and add to my flour tortillas, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Salad, and many more. This has saved me several hours in the kitchen not having to stand over the hot stove to fry or heat the stove to bake our dinners. I have also cooked brats and I am looking to cook many more delicious foods on the George Foreman Grill. Are you wanting to purchase a George Foreman Grill for yourself? Visit Target Online here or head to your local store and pick one up for just $49.99. Don’t forget Christmas is only a few months away and the George Foreman 5 serving Grill would make a perfect gift for many. Do you have a child in college this is perfect to add to their dorm room and have different sizes to choose from. My family highly recommends the George Foreman Grill for your next meals!!

What is one food you would love to try or  cook on your George Foreman Grill?

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