Spy Gear is a line of spy toys made with a high level of detail and accuracy to provide kids with an authentic, super agent experience. The Video Walkie Talkie can really chat and video without using WiFi or any connection and the Night Goggles can detect movement in the pitch black. Parents get ready because your little spies will definitely be on the lookout so no more hiding their things. Read below for a description of these awesome Spy Gear Toys of 2015.


Spy Gear Snake Cam

The Spy Gear Snake Cam lets you see around corners, under doors,without being seen! It has ultra-flexible camera arm that bends so that you can see through challenging environment all without being seen. With a press of a button, it activates, aim the Snake Cam and the Live Cam feed will project onto the handheld LCD screen. The Snake Cam can easily be stored by folding the cam back into the compact and store in your belt with the handy clip. Recommended for ages 6+. Purchase here for only $24.99


Spy Gear Batman Night Googles

The Batman Night Goggles: Evil is lurking in the shadows of Gotham City, but nothing can hide from the over watch of the Dark Knight! The night vision comes from the dual mounted LED lights that help you see in the dark. Everywhere you turn just shine the night vision light, to see hands free and use your detective skills with the retractable 2X magnification glass that lets you zoom in close to examine clues just like Batman. Recommended for ages 3+ .Purchase on Amazon for only $17.99


Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkie

Spy Gear has the only spy technology to let you stay in constant 2-way, visual and audio communication at a long range up to 160 feet! No WiFi or 3G mobile network required. To start communication press the Transmit button for audio with the other Video Walkie. The Video Walkie also can act as a hidden camera by placing it in a secret location, press the activation button on the other and you’ll have hidden, live feed. Chat with your spy friend in a video chat. Use headphones into for both Video Walkies to listen and communicate in secret without pressing the Transmit Button. Recommended for ages 6+. Purchase for only $59.99

Want even more Spy Gear head over here to check out the entire collection. Gear up your Spies for their secret missions.

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