The Game of Life: Yo-kai Watch Edition

The Game of Life: Yo-Kai Watch

About Hasbro: Hasbro is a company that we all know and love and is a staple in every home. This global company is committed to creating the world’s best play experience. Along with other popular brands, Hasbro helps fulfill the need for play and connection between children and their families all over the world.

Having three boys they love to be outside, but when it comes to Yo-kai and the gang, they have to watch that show. Yo-kai Watch comes on every weekday at 5PM on DisneyXD. Most of the time, the boys will hurry up and get their homework done to watch Yo-kai which gives me the time to get dinner done and a few household chores. Yo-kai Watch was originally a video game, and Disney picked it up and made it into an animation series. In the series, we get to watch Nate, Katie, Bear, and Eddie battle against spirits, known as Yo-kai. With the help of a special watch, the gang can find, detect and capture the spirits, who are not always friendly. The board game follows the show pretty closely. A player can spin the spinner and get sent in an unexpected direction, but they can also use their Watch Detection Power cards to capture more Yo-kai. The first player to return home with three Yo-kai medals, from getting the Yo-kai, is announced the winner.


Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to work with Hasbro and review The Game of Life: Yo-kai Watch Edition. I absolutely could not wait for the boys to get home and surprise them with this game. They flipped as soon as they saw Nate on the front of the box. The game is recommended for ages five and up, and to make it the most interesting I would recommend four players, but two or three is still just as much fun. The game comes with 16 Yo-kai board game medals, including 2 exclusive Yo-kai Watch Medals. Also, coming with the game is 4 character tokens, 38 cards (4 watch, 4 character, 4 bonus, and 26 event cards), 16 Yo-kai board game medals, 8 Spin to Win tokens, and a game guide.

My Thoughts: The boys have been having so much fun playing The Game of Life: Yo-kai Watch. They take turns helping their little brother as he can’t read the cards by himself and it is just a joy to watch them play together.  

Pick up your copy of The Game of Life: Yo-kai Watch Edition on Amazon for only $19.99.

What is a board game your family loves to play?

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