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Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with a company called FunBites. Owner Bobbie Rhoads and her husband have  two little girls and a few years ago came up with FunBites. Their oldest Jackie, who is now 13, was always a great eater and would eat whatever it was that you put in front of her. Dylan, who is now 9, was a totally different story. She was the true definition of a picky eater. She didn’t like trying new things, unless it was junk food, of course. At meal times they spent so much time and effort cutting her food into shapes that they thought it would be easier to have a cutter that you could press down that would do this. FunBites was born.


FunBites is a fun way to get your kids to eat different types of foods. Each pack that you get from FunBites will have a cutter that will cut the foods into small bites. Your children will love that they can turn their food into something more fun than just eating plain sandwiches, fruits or snacks. Each of the cutters has curved blades so cutting is so simple. You will also get a matching popper along with this kit that allows for easy removal of the shapes from the cutter. This guarantees that hands are clean and that the food remains untouched until it reaches your little one’s mouth.


The FunBites Squares are made of high performance material so that it is strong, sharp and durable. You can create fun meals in less then 10 seconds. Of course this helpful little cutter works best when it is on a flat surface, but a great perk for busy mommies is that this cutter is top-shelf dishwasher safe! Also for those worried about contaminates, it is BPA free. Your kids will be excited to try new foods and to eat healthier items when they are introduced with this fun cutter. Food no longer strictly just has to be functional. It can be fun too. The kids really enjoyed eating their sandwiches when I used FunBites Squares. These were perfect especially for Eli, who only eats a small amount each time he eats. He rather have just a piece of bread vs.  a sandwich with no crust. I let him help me fix lunch the other day to try out our new FunBites Squares and he wanted to know how it would make his sandwich into bite size squares. He usually isn’t a big fan of ham sandwiches but I wanted to try it and see if he would eat it. I asked him did he want to try these little ham sandwiches. Of course he ate the entire sandwich without me having to frequently ask him to eat his lunch. Now I know I will not have a problem getting him to eat because the food is much smaller and doesn’t look like he has to eat a big boy sandwich like his brothers. He can now enjoy bite sized pieces with FunBites Squares. 

FunBites offers three fun shapes the kids are sure to love including Squares, Hearts and Triangles.


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