School has officially started for the boys and one thing that is really important in our morning routines is making sure they eat breakfast before we head out the door. One of their most favorite is cereal. It is quick and easy and they love it. They each have a favorite kind as you can see in the below picture. Andrew loves French Toast or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Ty loves Cocoa Puffs and Eli loves Lucky Charms (mainly the marshmallows). Each of these boxes have a Box Top at the top right corner. It means that if we collect them and turn them into our school they earn .10¢ per one. Since we are attending a new school this year I thought this would be a great opportunity for the boys to help support their new school. It is also teaching them that even though we buy it and they eat it, we still are giving back to a good cause which helps our school help the students. So our goal this year is to buy all Box Top related products do that we can support our school.GMB3

Here are a few more of our favorites:


If you would like to help your local school visit the Box Tops website and see their list of Box Top Products.

A fun way to remember Box Tops on a daily or weekly basis can be hard. I wanted to come up with an activity that a teacher or parent could do with their kids to help everyone to remember those Box Tops. Here’s the activity-

Box Tops Acrostic Poem

You and your class or kids are going to create an Acrostic Poem out of the words Box Tops. This is such a fun activity to get everyone excited about Box Tops and the role they play in Education.

  1. Step One: Pass out a piece of paper with the words “Box Top” written in bold letters.
  2. Step Two: Talk about what Box Tops are and how they help schools earn cash for Education.
  3. Step Three: Challenge the class to create an Acrostic Poem using the words Box Tops. The poems can be silly, fun, or serious!
  4. Step Four: Share the poems with everyone. And encourage the students to bring their poems home to show their parents.

Here are some examples of a few Box Tops Acrostic Poems to share and hang around your classroom or home.

B is for Breathtaking, a magnificent sight
O is for Original, an independent thinker
X is for X-factor, you have it

T is for Tasteful, odes of style
O is for Orderly, ever organized
P is for Perceptive, keenly insightful
S is for Sensible, you always do the right thing

Here’s another poem to share.

B is for Bold, forging your own path
O is for Optimistic, always staying upbeat
X is for X-factor, people are drawn to you

T is for Thorough, attentive to details
O is for Obliging, willing to accommodate
P is for Picturesque, strikingly beautiful
S is for Satisfying, most excellent company

Have fun with this little exercise and if there’s time at the end, you can have the children move onto writing an Acrostic Poem with their own name! They’ll have fun with this part of the exercise too.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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