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Fresh Wave is a company known for a cure for the common chemical air freshener. Their products are made with natural ingredients like Pine Needles, Aniseed Clove, Water and Lime. All of their products are non-toxic odor eliminators and is safe with out the use of fragrances or perfumes. They have many different products such as Fresh Wave Gel, Candles, Sprays Pearls and many more. 


Simply Southern Couponers was recently given the opportunity to review products from Fresh Wave. I was sent the Design Collection, Home Spray and Pearl Packs and could not wait to try. I was so excited to use this in my kitchen. We all know usually our kitchen tends to have aromas from cooking, the trash can and trash disposals that seem to linger. I am always spraying air fresheners in the house just to freshen the air. When I opened my package I instantly feel in love with the design of this container. It is very elegant and is a frosted container with a chrome lid. As I opened the Crystal Gel package I could immediately smell the natural scent of pine needles with a mix of lime which I was very surprised. I did not know how the pine needles would smell but I am very impressed with the scent. Its not a strong scent but one you know is there. I placed the jar in my kitchen window above my sink. I am usually at the sink a lot more washing dishes and have a trash disposal and it tends to have foul odors that I can smell when washing dishes.


Since placing Fresh Wave Crystal Gel in my kitchen I can really tell a difference and I haven’t smelt any foul odors or aromas. I am very happy with the Fresh Wave Crystal Gel with container. Now instead of me going through the house spraying these fruity sprays I have been using the Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminator Home Spray. I have even been using it my dogs bed when she is outside and comes back in and it has made a big difference in my laundry room. I also tried the Fresh Wave Pearl Packs in my Dyson Animal vacuum because ever since I cleaned the filter there has been a small odor while vacuuming that I have not been able to get rid of. Fresh Wave has definitely made a difference in the aromas in my home. It’s great to use in the home, office, locker, gym bags, cars and anywhere you have an odor.

FW products

Fresh Wave has many products for the home, cars, pets, carpets, candles and more. To see more products visit Fresh Wave Website.

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Disclosure: Simply Southern Couponers received a free product in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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