Simply Southern Couponers had the pleasure of working with Fou Fou Dog  to try out two of their new awesome products from their Fou Fou Pet line.  Fou Fou Dog started out originally as a doggy designer wear company and has been expanding greatly since!  Not only do they have amazing clothes for dogs at affordable prices, they now offer pet care products that are amazing and affordable as well!   Fou Fou Dog originated out of Canada and and Fou Fou Dog’s designer and owner, Cheryl, has become one of Canada’s first doggy wear designer’s that is recognized for her work!


I was able to try out some of Fou Fou Dog’s new Fou Fou Pet line which includes the Fou Paw Stick  and also the best Pet Wipes  I have ever used!  The Paw Stick was easy to use and worked great!  It looks essentially like a tube of chap stick and you apply it to the pads of your dog’s paw.  Luckily, my tiny pooch’s paws aren’t too sensitive and we don’t live in a super hot area but the Paw Stick did seem to moisturize her paw pads and she seemed happy about that!  I can only imagine this Paw Stick would have been amazing for my lab, Roxie, while out camping in the desert!  While my Dottie enjoyed the Paw Stick, she was (more like I was!) super excited about the Fou Fou Pet Wipes!  My Dottie has some awesome hair but it seems to take in any scent she gets near and they are usually gross ones!  These wipes are so handy and they smell so good!  They come in five scent including Apple Tea, Green Tea, Orange Pekoe, Chamomile and Passion Fruit. These wipes made my pup smell lovely and she enjoyed the wipe down as well!  Lastly, I received an awesome pen with my products and it writes really well and clips on to things! So handy!

pawstick petwipesfoufou

Fou Fou Dog sells affordable and fashionable doggy wear and they also offer many other products.  You can purchase their products online at here!  There are tons of awesome items for your pet to choose from.  Cheryl also takes her amazing company to expos worldwide throughout the year.  You can find what expos and fairs she will be planning on attending in the near future here. 

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