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Watches used to just be all about telling time. Now, you can get a watch that you will barely be able to tell that you are wearing and is a statement of your personality at the same time. Life of a Southern Mom had the opportunity to work with Flex Watches. Flex Watches is a company that started with one goal in mind, to make a difference in peoples lives and that still is their goal today. Their watches don’t just tell time, they tell stories. I received the Blue and Black and Pink and Green versions of the Venice that are practical and stylishly inspired by Venice Beach. The light silicone band and the water resistance make it the perfect everyday watch. They have a wide variety of watches including Venice, Patterns, Classics, Football, Last Kings, Globe, Minis, Slim, DJ and World Cup to choose from. Here are a few of their watches below.

allwatches(Photo Credit: Flex Watches)

People will stop to notice your watch and it won’t be to ask if it was your grandfather or grandmother’s. They will want to know where you got it and where they can get one for themselves. Watches now have fashion sense that is just as bright and different as you are. Flex Watches came about to help make differences in people’s lives in many different ways. Their organization gives to injured veterans and cancer organizations and also helps to get people food and water that are desperately in need of it. When you wear one of these watches you will also be part of these causes. You won’t only be telling time anymore. You will be able to tell people the story behind the watch as well. It will probably make someone want them even more.


Flex Watches is more than just watches though. You can get eyewear, headwear, socks belts and tees from their shop. Every time you get a purchase from them you are supporting a greater good. You can also get involved with their fundraising where you choose the organization that you want to help. Learn more by watching this video if this is something that interests you to become a part of in the future. Another great opportunity is to become a Campus Rep. Are you in college and have an influence there that you would love to do more with? Then becoming a campus rep with Flex Watches and receive a free watch and be able to have the chance for prizes and cash by just helping spread the word.

Feel great wearing one of their watches and supporting a great cause all at the same time. Telling time never felt so good to you before. Flex Watches are the perfect way to give a little flare to your style without being overly dramatic. Visit Flex Watches website to learn more or see their entire line of products. These watches are very affordable 

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