Flattenme began years ago when Margo Redfern’s husband was taking pictures of their daughter eating a gobstopper. He took 15 photos in about 25 minutes. The parents arranged these photos in a book and gave it to their daughter as a special gift. Their daughter loved it!! She slept with it, ate with it, and even took it on road trips. After a while of being love-worn and long-admired, the book slowly fell apart.


Simply Southern Couponers had the wonderful opportunity to review a T-Shirt from Flattenme. I immediately knew which one I was going to pick out. I picked out the Pretty Princess Personalized T-Shirt for Kaylee. We had to send in a picture of her facing the camera and in color. I remember my grandma buying me these sorts of things when I was little and I could not wait to get it for my girls.

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It only took about a week for us to receive the shirt and it is so cute. Usually, companies do not offer a size that will fit Kaylee (she will be 3 in September, but is still in a 2T in shirts) so I was overly happy when I saw Flattenme offered shirts in her size. Most shirts, when they have a design on them, that area ends up being hard or have a crunchy sound, but this one did not, The design is so soft and looks like it was printed right on the shirt. The princess design came out very crisp and clear. As soon as daddy came home, Kaylee had to run up to him and say “Daddy Daddy look at my pwincess shirt”. She is very proud and happy to have her face on a shirt!!

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To check out all the items Flattenme has to offer, visit them here.

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