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Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to work with Finger String Post on a review of their greeting card concierge service. This is a unique program to help busy people (AKA everyone) not only buy a greeting card for an event, but also to send it to the intended recipient on time!

Personally, I always have great intentions to send greeting cards, but that’s all they ever amount to: intentions. I have a desk drawer stocked to the brim with cards for so many holidays, events, thank yous, and “just because” that I could probably open a store. Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving cards do me no good when I’m looking for a baby shower card that I am certain I had here somewhere… As you can tell, the Finger String Post is certainly a service that would help me with my greeting card disaster.

So how does it work?

First, you go online to Finger String Post’s Website. Start by adding a recipient (who do you want to get a card?).

fingerstring recipient

Then select the holiday for that person to receive a card. You will put the exact date in later.

fingerstring holiday

Selecting a holiday brings up a selection of cards that match the holiday. You can scroll through the cards right there on that screen one at a time or you can choose to “Show all cards” and view thumbnails of many at a time. When viewing them one at a time, you have to click on the image of the card to view whether there is inside text or if it is blank.

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When browsing through all the cards, each thumbnail has the text underneath it so you won’t have to click on it to find out. They have all kinds of cards: funny, sentimental, sappy, cute, flowery, subtle and not so subtle innuendo, and artsy. There is sure to be one that fits the message you want to send.

fingerstring cards

Next, complete the delivery date information. Enter the date of the holiday or event. When you click, a small calendar will open up and you can find the date. Alternately, you can also type in the date (particularly if it is a ways into the future, so you don’t have to keep scrolling through the calendar). The next part is really important: when do you want to get the card? You can select 5 days before the event all the way up to a month prior. If it were me, I’d select 5 days before the event if I’m going to hand deliver it and 10 days if I’m going to mail it. This gives me less of a chance to lose it but still enough time to get it where it needs to go.

fingerstring address

Once you have selected a card and scheduled it for delivery, you will need to complete the shipping information. If you would like, you can type in your return address, the recipient’s address, and you can even click to add a stamp! I think this is the best way to do things because all you have to do to complete it is write your message inside, stick it right into the envelope, find your way to a mailbox and it’s all set! You won’t be hunting for the address or a stamp when it’s time to send off your card. Even those little things become huge delays when life starts happening and before you know it, you’ve missed your sending deadline. Just get it all ready from the get go is what I think! Don’t worry, filling in the recipient’s address won’t mean it goes straight to grandma without your own, hand written sentiments. Each and every card will be sent to you first so that you can write your well wishes, add a gift card, or just sign your name. It allows you to add a personal touch.

What happens next is the best part. You do nothing. Woo hoo! Then, magically, 10 days (or whatever amount of time you selected) before the occasion, a card arrives from Finger String Post. Oh my goodness! I almost forgot Jennifer’s birthday is coming up. Good thing Finger String Post remembered! Not only does the card come just in time, with an envelope ready to go, it also tells you when to actually mail it so that it will arrive on time!

fingerstring birthday card

With Finger String Post, you will never forget (well you might forget, but you will be reminded in time!) your brother’s anniversary, a Christmas card for Uncle Bill, Mother’s Day, or even to send a Thank You card. All you have to do is set up all your events with Finger String Post. For recurring holidays, put the information in once and then you will get a card every year!

fingerstring holiday cards

Now that you are all motivated and ready to get started, we have a special deal for you through the month of September! Visit Finger String Post between now and September 30th, 2014 and you can BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! This is a great way to just give it a try! The cards don’t need to be mailed in the month of September, you just have to get everything set up and purchased. To take advantage of this great offer, visit Finger String Post and use coupon code: LifeOfASouthernMom3for2 (yes, it’s long, just copy and paste it, silly). Now you won’t ever forget a birthday again!

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