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Do you walk into a family members home or a friends home and are immediately hit with a smell of some sort? It could be from a pet, cooking, smoke or just anything, but you hardly ever notice the smells in your own home? That is called Noseblind. I have never heard of it but Noseblind is the gradual acclimation to the smells in one’s home, car or their belongings, which the affected do not notice but their guest do.

I know when I cook, I get accustomed to the smells. Especially frying foods, popping popcorn or boiling eggs. To me those are at the top of the list of  smells that linger throughout the house. My in laws can always smell when I boil eggs for potato salad, cut onions or fry foods when they visit. Some who visit only say they can smell the log woods when they come inside. I know if I haven’t been home for a few hours I can smell the wood smell or when I’ve cooked something  earlier that morning.


I received a Noseblind Kit that included (1) Febreze Air Effects, (1) Febreze Fabric Refresher, (1) Febreze Noticeables with refills, (1) Febreze Candle and (2) Instruction Envelopes. I wanted to put my in laws to the test. We invited them over for movie night since we received the new Rio 2 movie the boys wanted Memaw and Granddaddy to come over and watch it with them. As soon as they arrived they could smell the wood in the house since I haven’t cooked anything that morning. I told them what I was doing and I wanted to see if they were Noseblind. While we got the boys situated I let them take survey 1, then we popped the popcorn and took survey 2, while I freshened the house with our products and lit my candle. Finally, after the movie was over and popcorn dishes were empty they took survey 3. My father in law stepped outside for a moment and came back in he could not longer smell the popcorn. He said it smelt like flowers/fruity scent when you walked in the house. I just had to see for myself. I asked Greg to come upstairs and asked what he smelled. He said “Do you have a new candle?” I said yes this is the Febreze Candle, plugin and spray products that I received. I must admit he is the type who loves a great smelling fragrance and we always have a candle, plugin or wax burner going. My in laws couldn’t believe it and said they were definitely purchasing Febreze products on their next shopping trip. 


I am glad there is a product on the market that is affordable and actually works. Febreze is there to help eliminate odors so that your house, car or anywhere that you think may have a odor that you may be noseblind to can smell amazing. For more information visit Febreze Noseblind website here.

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