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Simply Southern Couponers had the pleasure of working with Bissell. Bissell has been a trusted company since 1876. Mr. Bissell and his wife owned a crockery shop in Michigan, and they were constantly cleaning sawdust off the floor.  The continuous cleaning of the floor led to Mr. Bissell to invent and patent the carpet sweeper. Their friends and customers wanted to know where they could get one, and their new business was born.

Bissell has recently teamed up with Febreze.  I received Febreze® Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder from Bissell for review. The carpet deodorizing powder clings to dirt making it easier to remove while the power of febreze leaves a fresh, clean scent throughout the home. This is the only deodorizing powder endorsed by Bissell. There are many benefits of the Febreze® Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder. The powder cleans up to “3x” better then vacuuming alone. It also makes the carpet feel softer and leaves the home smelling fresher.


The Febreze® Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder works great. Simply open the container, shake on the carpet you plan to clean and vacuum. It’s as easy as one, two, three.  The scent is not over powering and left a nice fragrance throughout my home. With children I am constantly cleaning the carpet. It is nice to have a product to help get the carpet cleaner and smelling fresh. This is one product that I will be adding to my shopping list.

The Febreze® Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder is available on the Bissell website for $2.99. The Bissell website also has a link to find it through other retailers online and local.  Febreze® Carpet Deodorizing Powder is also available in Thai Dragon Fruit™, Mediterranean Lavender™, and Extra Strength Pet Odor Eliminator.

For more information about Bissell visit their website here.

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