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Our dogs are like family. We want them around for a really long time, and we want them to get the best nutrition that they can. We had the chance to review one of Farmer’s Bounty Dog Foods for our sweet little LuLu. It all started with Bill and Jack to create the company Bil-Jac Dog Food Company on their Ohio family farm in 1947. To this day the company is still family run and only uses the most wholesome of ingredients. The main factors that Bill made important were that dogs will thrive when they are fed foods that are made with real chicken and other ingredients that are wholesome. It is also all in the preparation that guarantees the freshness and quality of the food. Dogs should want to eat their food, and they will with Farmer’s Bounty. 


Farmer’s Bounty Dog Food’s Adult recipe has that nutrition that has great ingredients. They start with three pounds of fresh, cage-free chicken in order to make every four pound bag of their food. The steam rolled oats are added into the bag in order to keep your dog energized and to let him have the fiber that he needs in his diet.Some of the benefits to Farmer’s Bounty Dog Food is that the ingredients are farm-raised locally and that all the ingredients are cooked under a controlled heat. This process supports healthy skin/coat and digestion. It is ultimately up to whether it tastes great that your dog will eat the food and it can be said that dogs love the taste.


LuLu has really enjoyed each of these three bags and would eat Bil-Jac before she would eat her other dog food. Every morning when I would go in the laundry room her dog food bowl would be empty. I am glad I found a healthy dog food made with real ingredients that she can enjoy!

Visit Farmer’s Bounty Website here to see their entire line of products. See the store locator to find a location near you.

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