6 Effective Fitness Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

Fitness Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

Coming up with an exercise routine and sticking to it can be challenging enough on its own, but it becomes near impossible when you’re a stay-at-home mom. No matter how much and how well you plan, pretty much anything else that is related to your kids can flush your plans down the drain. However, as difficult as it sounds, exercising is possible, and here are six smart tips that might help you.

Get up early

There’s nothing you need to do at 5:30 a.m., so consider working out before your day actually begins. You’d be done before everybody else even wakes up, and exercising can wake you up better than any coffee. Of course, this also means that you’d probably need to go to bed a bit earlier than usual if you want to get enough sleep.

Use every opportunity

 Fitness Tips 

When you have a busy schedule, you have to get a bit creative. So, use every opportunity you can to train a bit. For example, get on the treadmill while your kids are watching TV, meal prep your healthy food or snack options while they are playing, or do some HIIT exercises while they are eating. Even if you can’t find time for exercising, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be active. Do an extra lap on the stairs when doing chores, walk to work when the weather is nice, and do some simple exercising like squats whenever you can. When it comes to staying fit, everything counts.

Involve your friends and family

If you want to work out regularly, you have to make time for it. One of the best ways to make time is to find somebody to take care of your kids while you get your daily dose of training. For example, your partner could take them to the park once or twice a week, your parents could take care of them a few times, and even your neighbor could be helpful if they like or have kids. Of course, not everybody has this kind of support, but if you do, use it.

Wear your workout clothes

If there is nothing important scheduled for the day, wear your workout clothes. Being in your quality compression clothing can get you in the mood even if you’re just enjoying your day around the house. Moreover, it would make exercising much easier, since you’d always be ready for a few squats. Plus, it would be a constant reminder to work out, even if just for a few minutes.

Fitness Mom and Baby

Include your kids

Including your kids in your workout sessions might seem challenging, but it’s actually quite easy if you turn exercising into a game for them. For example, you can always go for walks and bike rides with them. Also, there are plenty of games that involve some kind of physical activity, from playing with a ball to skipping a rope. Finally, you can always turn your chores into a workout and have your kids help you a bit.

Go easy on yourself

Some days, you’ll manage to find an entire hour for working out, while some other days, you’ll hardly get 30 minutes. And that’s okay. Even if you miss a day, don’t stress about it too much. Accept the time you have, and use it the best way you can. As long as you stay persistent, you will reach your goal sooner or later. And there’s nothing wrong about it being later.

Finding the time to work out while being a stay-at-home mom can be difficult, but it’s still very possible. So, organize your schedule, and use every opportunity you can to exercise a bit. Involve your kids if you can, and let somebody else take them off your hands for a bit so you can train. Finally, go easy on yourself, and have no doubt that the results will show in no time.



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5 Tips on How to Go Back To Your Fitness Routine After Pregnancy

Learn How to Walk Your Way to Fitness

The Many Health Benefits of Going for a Walk

5 Tips on How to Go Back to Your Fitness Routine after Pregnancy  

How to Go Back to Your Fitness Routine after Pregnancy  

Pregnancy is the period of biggest transformation for a female body. Not only will you look different, but you won’t feel the same either. Therefore, the postpartum period requires serious adjustments, and after the recovery period is over you can start thinking about going back to your regular workout routine. You’ll probably want to lose those extra pounds you’ve gained during pregnancy as soon as possible, and with a few helpful tips, you won’t have any trouble doing it.

Don’t rush it

The first thing you should keep in mind is the fact that you should only consider going back to your workout session after you stop bleeding. Six weeks is the approximate time a woman should wait before she starts working out if she had a cesarean section. Pushing yourself too hard will do more damage than good, and you’ll only prolong the time that you’d otherwise need to get back in shape. However, know that a light walk is also a form of exercise that can benefit your health, and ease you back into working out. Therefore, use the stroller as a workout buddy, and walk with your baby around the park or the neighborhood to warm up for further exercises.

walking after pregnancy

Pay attention to bleeding

When your body is ready to hit the gym, don’t expect to feel the way you did before you got pregnant. Your stamina won’t be as good as it used to be, your muscles will be slightly out of shape, and the overall fatigue and achy body will make you feel like you’ve never exercised a day in your life. A hyperlink postpartum body is an entirely different story from the one that never gave birth, so it’s essential that you listen to it and look for any signs of strain. If the bleeding starts again, postpone the workout and let your body heal completely.

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Pilates, crunches and ab exercises seem like the type of activity you’d want to go for right away, but it’s important to check if your pelvic floor muscles are firm enough, first. To make sure your pelvic floor isn’t weak, do a Kegel routine every day, even while you’re pregnant, so you can heal and recover fast after delivery. It’ll keep the muscles strong, and prevent urinary incontinence.

Warm-up is vital

During pregnancy, your body will produce the hormone relaxin, which softens the ligaments and joints making them more prone to injuries. Therefore, it’s essential that, after you’ve done some walking, you warm up properly for further exercises. Invest in high-quality gym clothes that will allow you to move freely and feel comfortable while stretching. Also, don’t forget to dedicate some time to post-workout stretching and prevent the soreness in your arms, legs, and spine.

Fitness after pregnancy

Be selective with exercises

Your body won’t be able to endure a lot of strain after the delivery, so you should choose your workout routine wisely. Avoid hot yoga and heavy lifting in the first six months, but instead, engage in post-natal exercises. Consider low impact cardio training, water aerobics, and swimming. However, engage in water activities only after your bleeding has completely stopped, and your doctor has approved that type of activity.

Getting your body to its previous shape after you’ve given birth will take some, so don’t rush it. While you may be eager to break the sweat and get rid of the pounds you’ve gained during pregnancy, working out isn’t the only thing that will help you lose weight; breastfeeding, for example, burns around 330 calories, so if you eat well and hydrate a lot while you breastfeed, you’ll be doing both the baby and yourself a favour. Not only will your little one be eating healthy, but you’ll have fewer pounds to lose once you hit the gym.


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FitTea All-Natural 14 Day Detox #FitTea

I am sure most of you have read some of my recent posts talking about our upcoming beach vacation. What I haven’t posted was the struggle with my weight. Being 28 it seems that I’ve gained thirty pounds in five years. I am not sure if that is good or bad but to me it’s definitely bad. I have been that person who was always self conscience about my weight and even today at almost 30 I still am. To me that is one bad side effect. The more weight I gain the harder it is to loose, just as anyone else. I just want to not only loose weight but get my energy levels up and get to where I feel better all day long.

I’ve tried numerous diets and diet pills. I am the type of person if I don’t see results within a month of some kind whether it is the scale or inches I am not going to continue and my biggest downfall was not having that partner to help you along the way. Recently, my husband and I started eating better and exercising. We both can tell on the days we exercise we feel a lot better, more alert during the day than when we don’t exercise. We don’t go to the gym, there is no need when we have a treadmill, workout videos in the comfort of our home. It feels a lot better having a partner to work out with, push one another along the way. fittea3

Recently, I was introduced to a tea called FitTea. Most of you probably have seen or heard about FitTea on The Morning Show, CBS or other morning show. FitTea is used all over the world for thousands of years. I received FitTea from Markerly for a review and was given the 14 day Detox tea but you can also choose a 28 day detox tea with a blend of all natural ingredients. FitTea is your #1 health solution that promotes weight loss and gives you tons of energy. With the kids being home for summer break I could use all the energy I can get. That is what help make my decision on choosing this product. It not only helps detox your body but also gives you a boost of energy without all the side effects. Yes I said NO SIDE EFFECTS. I can’t stand having migraines or the jitters like in the past of other products I have tried. FitTea will help promote weight loss and help promote the loss of body weight by increasing your metabolism. It does this by not only detoxing your body, but also acting as a powerful appetite suppressant!


FitTea also helps boost your immune system which can help fight off colds and the nasty flu throughout the year. If you have issues with your digestive system? FitTea will help give you natural and comfortable digestion to make you feel lighter and healthier. FitTea contains powerful antimicrobial properties to help keep you healthy and most of all, feeling good physically and mentally. It contains all natural ingredients such as Honey Powder, Corn, Stevia, Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Pomegranate, Gurana and Birch. It comes in a tea bag, that you add to a cup of boiling water. Simply add tea bag and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bag and enjoy hot or cold.


I’ve been drinking FitTea for about a week now and honestly I can tell a difference in my body, energy level and I feel alert. When I first tried FitTea I wasn’t to sure about it because I am a tea drinker but not that much. I mostly stick to water throughout the day and plus I have never tried hot tea. So this was a first for me and it was really good. It has a lemon smell and taste like warm green tea. You can also add honey or lemon for extra flavor, but I like just the way it is. I have not been feeling hungry as I was before. There were some days literally I felt like I was eating all day and my body just felt tired and I knew that was a sign I needed to change my eating habits. If you don’t want to use the tea bag you can remove the tea from the bag and place in a strainer and I can’t wait to see how my two weeks turn out and if all continues to go well as I am sure it will I will definitely be purchasing more of the FitTea. They recommend you drink every morning or before a workout.

FitTea not only offers a 14 day or 28 day detox but also an assortment of other products to detoxify your body, suppress your appetite and help with weight loss. Visit their website and check out some of the FitTea Results. You will be amazed at real people with real results. Plus enter to win free FitTea by entering your email address here.

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WIRK Ride Cycling Workstation #Review

WIRK Ride Cycling Workstation

About Stamina Products: 

Stamina customers get cutting edge innovation and quality equipment with an affordable price tag. Stamina Products Inc. was founded in 1987. From the beginning, our focus has been to supply quality and value to the fitness and leisure markets. Stamina Products Inc. will continue to pursue perfection through the design excellence of our home fitness products. At Stamina, we truly are dedicated to building a healthier stronger you. With your body in mind.

About Wirk Ride Workstation:


  • Semi-recumbent exercise bike with desktop
  • Padded seat with backrest and padded grips
  • Adjustable prop for tablet or book
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Textured pedals
  • Molded hand grips
  • Workout monitor
  • 17.25″W x 10″D surface

I love the Wirk Ride Workstation! It is perfect for those of us who work from home who spend a big chunk of the day on the computer. Now you can get some exercise in while you work.


Your computer sits on this tray and you can strap it on with the adjustable belt to give added support. I also love that it has an adjustable tray so you can use your tablet as well. It also features a cup holder which is awesome!

Even if you don’t work from home, you can still use this, the adjustable tray also works to put a book or kindle. So you can read while you exercise!


You can find the WIRK Ride Workstation as well as many other fitness products on their website at StaminaProducts.com.

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Strawberry Chia Detox Water


Detox water with chia seeds might sound weird at first, but the chia seeds don’t really have a flavor – and who doesn’t love strawberries?! I’ve talked a lot about losing weight, getting healthy, and feeling much better. I think detox waters have a lot to do with that, because I really don’t like drinking plain water all day long. Here is an easy recipe for Strawberry Chia detox water that you can enjoy!


  1. 1/4 lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
  2. 1 cup strawberries (chopped/pureed)
  3. 3 cups water
  4. 2 tablespoons chia
  5. Ice

Chia Detox Water


  • Mix lemon juice and water together.
  • Add the cup of chopped strawberries and chia seeds to liquid mix.
  • Pour ice into a glass of choice, adding your liquid mix.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Strawberry Chia Detox Water



Stamina InMotion Compact Strider Review

*I received the following product free of charge for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours*

Stamina InMotion Strider

The Stamina InMotion Compact Strider gives you a low impact, calorie burning, cardiovascular workout in a small footprint. 

About Stamina Products: 

Stamina customers get cutting edge innovation and quality equipment with an affordable price tag. Stamina Products Inc. was founded in 1987. From the beginning, our focus has been to supply quality and value to the fitness and leisure markets. Stamina Products Inc. will continue to pursue perfection through the design excellence of our home fitness products. At Stamina, we truly are dedicated to building a healthier stronger you. With your body in mind.

I love the elliptical at the gym, it is one of my favorite machines! But I can’t always find the time to head to the gym. So when I was given the opportunity to review the InMotion Stider I was ecstatic. This little machine gives you just as good of a workout as the ellipticals at the gym!

It has a steel frame with plastic pedals and housing. You can adjust the resistance to what you would like. It has a 250lb weight limit.

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider

This machine has some great features

  • Elliptical motion provides a low impact workout.
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable tension
  • Fitness monitor keeps track of distance
  • Large, non-slip pedals
  • Easy carry handle

The InMotion Compact Strider can be used while sitting or standing for a low impact cardio workout! I found that I prefered to use it while sitting down. I was able to go for longer periods of time while sitting versus standing.

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider

You can find the Stamina InMotion Strider as well as many other fitness products on their website at StaminaProducts.com.

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